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The Money Shot Day 14

Back by popular demand HAHA. I am just out of the shower so my hair is still wet. Is it sexy? lol

From the album:

Mike's Accutane Adventures (I'm a nerd I know lol)

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Yayyyy for the accutane adventures! And woo yes wet hair is sexy, only not sweaty wet b/c then it's gross, hahahah

Anywhoo, keep it up! Accutane will fix you up boy and then all the ladies will be like "dayum he fine" and then all da otha ladies will be like "oh no you did not just take my man, bitch" and den da otha ladies will be like "oh girl you did not just go there alllllright!?"

Hahahah okay. *Silence*

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Thank you ladies... my ego is happy lol.

Star- you are a nutjob lol and what makes u think they aint like that now?

Drusilla and cheerchick- u r too kind and i have no way to tell u ladies how good u look due to lack of pics...good luck with w/e ur doing.

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Well! If you have that confidence already then why get rid of the acne in the first place? lol... yes I am a nutjob. You'll have that. Keep 'em comin!

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