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okay so herrrrre is my rant--

this new accutane ipledge system is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! that's the point of it i'm sure, but this is really ridiculous. this should be my last month on accutane, but because of this new system- i had to register on the computer at my doctor's (i drive 45 minutes to see my derm) then wait a few days at home, register here, then it said "okay go get your medicine!" so we take my card down there and go, but apparently they want the card AND a perscription, which the doctor didn't give me. so we call them, and they fed-ex the perscription to us--HOWEVER BY THE TIME IT GETS HERE MY TIME TO FILL IT HAS EXPIRED! GRAAWWWLLLLLFESJFEAOIJIFIJEAKJ sad.png

so they tell me i have to wait until my next appointment to get it....meaning that what should be my LAST month on it is actually more of a month off, because i haven't taken any pills in almost two weeks, and my next app. isn't for another two weeks...soooooooooooo i'm pretttty frusterated with this sitch- i just hope it doesn't affect my treatment.

nothing active though, which is something to continually be happy about...no oil and no new spots...this is a view of the scarring though (i have makeup on..but you can see it pretty well...tonstonstons of redmarks-pretty dark and some indents bleckkkk) as for this, once i've been off 'tane for a while i plan on doing something to these...i'm not sure what yet.

that's what's going on over here....hope everyone is doing well!!

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