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Day 35 vs. Day 65

All CSR, All the time!

From the album:

Celebration's Progress on Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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Photo Information for Day 35 vs. Day 65

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you look like a movie star. i wish there were more cures and more scientific and medical research about cyst's and acne. people as pretty as you are don't deserve to suffer. :)



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You look great!!!!!! Its only going to get better! I am doing well cept for my scars. I didnt even post pics this week cause I did another TCA cross on a few other scars.

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WOW!!!!!!! that is amazing what only 10 days can do!!!!!! you look awesome!!!!!!!! (:

You must be thrilled!!!!!!!!!

I actually did my first night of the regimen last night..... and I am following it to the T, or whatever.... so, I hope to have results like you and Star!!!!!!!! wish me luck...... (:

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Hi Celebration.

Just wanted to tell you that I've been following your progress and I'm so happy for you. From your last picture I just see nothing but redness, AND FADING ALREADY! :):dance:

You must be very happy and I know the feeling. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks and I've been completely clear for the last 2.

Dan's gel worked great on you. I mean, I noticed your improvement from the first day you started posting your images, but since you switched... wow!, look at you! Just a few steps away from perfect skin!

Congratulations, beautiful. And thank you very much for keeping us updated on your progress.

C H E E R S ! ! ! :dance:

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fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! totally fucking insane!!! seriously! where the fuck did all the redness go? ur looking FABULOUS!!! fucking great!!!! :) im so ecstatic for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow, guys, I seriously feel like crying right now. Oops, I think I am! Your comments help me soooo much. I love you all! :)

To all of you who have been watching my progress along the way, I feel very lucky to have so many people rooting for me. Because I get so many comments, I try to go out and comment on other people's albums as much as I can find time to do! *paying it forward*

To all of you who are just starting on the regimen, you should know that you have been given a gift. Follow Dan's instructions to the T, watch the videos several times, be religious about it, and you WILL see results. It takes patience, but you are worth it!!

Thanks again for stopping by, everyone. I wish CLEAR SKIN on all of you! :dance:

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oh my goodness gracious, i LOVE the little smirk thing in the middle picture....whatever you were feeling when you took that picture--start feeling it every minute of everyday because i don't know if anyone has told you but you look faaaaaabuuuulousssss!

i need to update my little thang, college is a paaainnn

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Wow, guys, I seriously feel like crying right now. Oops, I think I am! Your comments help me soooo much. I love you all! :)

Haha, I know how you feel, that one day, I just looked at myself, and I was like, ohmigod!!! Congrats hun!

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beautiful! absolutely beautiful... ur gonna be clear real soon! seriously though... i dont even think that u need to treat any "red marks" i dont see them. and thats great news... i guess i have a red mark problem cuz im olive skinned. ... fabulous! keep it up, Tina!

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