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So these are the first pictures I have been brave enough to take- it used to look worse but I never took any pics from then. Despite my many many trips to the derm, nothing she has given me has yet to clear it up. And I have tried EVERYTHING, some things she even gave me more than once (don't ask me why, I told her they didn't work the first time) And I know someone will suggest accutane, but I asked about it a long time ago and the past 4 times I have been back she kept saying "we'll see about it next time." I don't think she'll ever give it to me :(

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I have similar acne, maybe a little more mild, and my derm gave me accutane without me asking for it. I did not even know about it when she first suggested it. Try another derm if you are set on getting it. Nonetheless, you are a beautiful girl!

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awww, thanks- you are sweet!~ i've been trying the regimine but i had to modify it a bit because after using the bp 4 or 5 times i have been peeling for seriously a week and counting... i read some good stuff about sea salt so i might try that- but no more bp until my skin decides to stay on my face! (just spot treatment)

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i think we have a similar type of acne. mild/moderate but really persistant!

have you tried the dkr for longer than 4 months? (it takes a while to work)

if you are patient, and u dont pick or squeeze, im pretty sure it can reduce your acne.

luckili, the base of your skin is smooth, so your spots must be relatively easy to cover up.

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ooops, commented to late. try using a very small amount of bp at first and very slowly work up the dose (dont put on the reccomended fingerful right away)

moisturize ! moisturize! please try it!

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ya, i had about the same type acne (mild but mainly on my forehead and chin) and she gave me differin and duac then wen it didnt completely clear in 2mnths she put me on a low dosage of accutane its workin great!!!! and its only been a mnth!!!! so i wld def ask again cuz it really does work! good luck

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