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Right Side

I am open to any and all advice.

From the album:

My Scars...Hopefully Soon to be Memories

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Not to lessen your grievance, but you barely have any scarring. You're lucky the acne didn't damage your facial skin. Did you also have acne on your facial areas John? If so, how severe was it? I think your biggest concern is the deep scar right on your jawline. It will probably have to be excised, which is perhaps the best place for excision. Or a filler may do. Damn I wish I had these savage scars concentrated in such a small area.

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Hey John,

Ironic who posted here huh :wink:

Falnhart's right about your scarring being pretty minimal here (the skin on your face looks really great BTW)....DON"T do dermabrasion...i was researching scar treatments and I've come across a lot of info that basically singled out the jawline, neck, temples, as more fragile/delicate areas...that could be why you scarred there as opposed to anywhere else...dermabrasion may be setting you up for a bad situation since you have only a few scars here that, although visible, are minimal because there are so few of them.

PM MeetPete about advice on excision, since he's posted alot about getting some of his scars excised, punch floats....I really only notice one maybe two scars MAX...so rather than abrade or damage a larger area of skin, just treat the scars themselves (and find the best derm or plastic surgeon for the job obviously and have them show you a lot of before and after pictures!!!). Also, TCA may be too harsh for that part of the body and I think peels mainly help with smaller, superficial scars and with skin texture/tone.

My scars are smack dab in the middle of my cheeks, cry, cry : (

again your skin is basically really good so please don't get too stressed, take your time to get the right treatment and I'd seriously avoid dermabrasion, especially because the neck/jaw skin is fairly fragile Good Luck John!

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