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Me on the bed of my GF

This is from 8 august iam completeley cleared after using Benzoylperoxide 5% for 2weeks and aplying zinc on the red marks to make them fade away.

ps. i will post more pictures from the months between later this week so you can see my improvement.

    From the album:


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    Shit, that looks exactly like my bed and wall. That scared the hell out of me :P:drool: IKEA, right...

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    Seriously, if I know how to get a picture of my bed up here I would, it's pretty scary. The net and the wall colour and everything... Your girlfriend must be great :P

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    aah ... lydia, why would she be great? i mean she must be but ure just sayin that cuz she has the same bed? LOL :>

    Agent ] x [

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    He says its his girlfriend's bed, Lydia says she has the exact same bed. To me it seems as though we have just found a new couple - you probably ARE his girlfriend! You two should get together :P

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