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9th march 06

ive suffered from acne since i was 14,im now 22.ive tried all sorts,tablets,otc washes,special lotions(eg pro activ) etc.i started this 1 and i thought WHY?,why am i doing this,because im worried what ppl think?and i decided the answer was yes,the reason-because we all think we have to look a certain way.so i thought stuff it,who cares what ppl think,(every1s got something they dont like about themselves),if they cant look past the acne and look at the kind of person i am,they are shallow and i dont want to know them anyway.so i now just use an otc wash(clean+clear) and i will continue to do so as i think they'll improve on there own eventually anyway.dont get me wrong,i still get paranoid sometimes when i go to pub etc,but give it a couple of mths and ill be comfortable with who i am. any comments (agreeing or dis-agreeing) welcome

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    I know exactly what you mean. I'm 21, and I've tried so many things for the past 5 years or so. Now I've got the same antibiotics that worked for my twin brother, so maybe they'll start to work. I wish I could take your attitude -- i.e. screw everyone for being so shallow -- but it's hard. And I think the vast majority of people are shallow, and do judge. That probably applies to me too, hence why it bothers me so much. I find my own acne unattractive, and other people's too, so I find it unreasonable to expect other people not to notice or not to care. But, seriously, good for you! Your skin really isn't that bad, but I really envy people who go out there and have a full/"normal" life, as it sounds like you do. Good luck mate.

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    yeh man i wish i could do that. and i have many times. but when your tring to look for work and you notice no ones hiring you because of it , you knpw you got problems. also, when around your relatives and they keep bringing it up it's enough for you to start giving a shit because you dont want to hear that bullshit over and over again. i hate bad comments about my skin as well as good comments. i just want to be treated like a normal person. i hope you feel me. look good and yeh forget the world and what they think. wishing you all the best.

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    thx 4 comment.normal?who decides what norm is?the papers,mags?but i understand where ur comin from,wish u luck in the future,regards.

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    yeh man what can i say but your right about what normal truley is. same here brotha

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    Good on u for remaining so positive. It isnt easy when u have a face full of spots and you just wanna be clear...Im talking from experience. I have had spots since I was about 14 and I am now 27....you just think 'bloody heck is this ever going to go away'....

    Chin up


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