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Here's a picture of me just chillin out in our kitchen.

    From the album:

    Don't give up!

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    Photo Information for 05/20/2004

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      Marvelous eyes, Cyberguy.

      And show off those arms-- strong-looking arms are a wonderful thing to behold.


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      I'm struck by how much you resemble of friend of mine. By any chance, are you part Irish?


      Hmm, I'm not sure. But I might be, somewhere back in my family tree. It'd be a good thing to have a little luck o' the irish in me.

      You are some certain like Harry Potter.

      When I did an origin trace on my last name, it came up as originating from England. So that might explain why I look a little like Harry Potter. :wink:

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      i think you're cute too. how old are you? just wondering... i'm 21 from indiana

      Just turned 18 in March B)

      Thanks for all the great comments. I really love it how whenever you feel down because of acne, you can come here and feel better. :P

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      Hey I'm a 22 female...and I just wanted to say I think your cute too. Maybe you look a bit like conan o'brien. But a younger cuter version. :P

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      Whoa! I come back here, and there are a pile of new comments. B)

      Hey cyberguy, what are you using to fight acne?

      Here is a list of what I'm doing everyday:

      1. I'm washing my face with dove soap

      2. Riding our recumbent excersice bike

      3. Drinking lots o' water when I remember to do it

      4. Swimming

      Hey I'm a 22 female...and I just wanted to say I think your cute too. Maybe you look a bit like conan o'brien. But a younger cuter version.


      hi, i am learning how to use photoshop, and i used your image to practivce the clone stamp tool. Hope you don't mind . . .

      Nope I don't mind at all pscs, in fact that picture is just encouragement for me. I hope to one day have skin as clear as that picture.

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      You're soooooo cute!! You should look much much better without that acne.

      Hey I looked at your previous pics and the stuff that you're doing to improve acne and I can see it's working for u but have u thought of adding something to it? That would help clearing it up.

      Is the Dove soap you're using for facial use? If not try a facial cleasing product, you dont really need to use benzyl perioxide or saliycic acid if you don't want to but try some of these products

      Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

      Neutrogena Deep Clean

      Clean&Clear Deep Action cleanser

      Basis soap

      They don't have medications in them, they just help to make sure your pores are nice and clear and there is no excess oil in your face so they won't dry you out or anything :drool: hope my advice was helpful :drool: :lol2: :P

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      hey Cyberguy,

      I'm going to give you a few suggestions to help your fight against acne.

      1) See an acne specialist (they will check for cysts, papules, etc).

      2) Use your dove soap for your body and a clenser such as Trisan for your face (Trisan works deep within)

      3) Use Neutrogena T/Gel for your hair and wash it first when taking a shower and once every three days.

      4) Stay away from alcohol substances.

      Your acne has improved and i'm posotive that an acne doctor will give you something to get rid of that acne. Depending on the level your acne resigns under (level 1-4 1 being the best and 4 being the worst) accutane will be the choice.

      I'd also like to say never give up, you're a good looking guy and I know you will see that acne gone in 1 years max if you take the right approach.

      Good luck!

      - Dio

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      CyberGuy -- You are so cute. I'm a gay man, and my people are hard to please. You are extra-cute! I bet all the girls at your school (and some of the guys, frankly) have a crush on you!

      As far as your acne is concerned, I am not sure what you have tried or if you have insurance. If you have insurance, I would certainly recommend a good dermatologist. I am not going to recommend any treatments for you, as I am not a physician.

      However, I had acne as bad as yours when I was a teenager into my early twenties (I am 29yo now). What worked for me to reduce my acne to almost nothing was to go on Accutane. I know it's a serious medication and usually the medication of last resort, but it did work for me. Now I use BP Gel + Retina (0.05%), and I am blemish-free! The Retina has also gradually but noticeably reduced some of my acne scars.

      Good luck, CyberGuy! You're beautiful as you are, but you'll be happier when you win your battle against acne. Stay strong!!

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      Guest Guest


      You look a HELL of a lot better than some of those acne-spattered freaks out there. I mean some of them are REAL bad, like they've been peppered with a shotgun or something. It's sick! Ya know what I mean? I mean, do these scabby FREAKS not wash? Greasy stinking sick gross ugly FREAKS! Anyways, keep up the good work buddy, the regimen is obviously workin for ya :P

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      Guest Guest


      there's a very big improvement! u must feel fantastic! :P

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