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Me two years ago

The camera doesn't pick up half of what is really there. Also, I was going thru a good period. I have had the best success using a glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA) and salacylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid or BHA) blend during the day. Then at night I use a benzoyl peroxide solution (currently using a 5%). It's similar to a Proactiv approach, however, Proactiv does NOT use the BHA. It only uses the AHA. The concept is that you exfoliate with the AHA/BHA which helps unplug the pore and then treat (i.e. kill the bacteria) with the benzoyl peroxide. BHA/AHA does NOT work the same way as BP!!! That's why it's important to have BOTH, each doing its own job while working together.

When you apply either of these solutions it's VERY important that you use it all over and that you don't skip a dose. Consistency and converage are the keys! If you want to know more...please let me know!

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    a decade with acne

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    Which AHA/BHA product(s) are you using?

    I've been using M.D. Forté Glycare Cleansing Gel and Glycare II with pretty good improvement, however I'm left with lots of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (which is slowly fading).

    What brand of BPO are you using?


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