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I think I am stuck like this :(

I think I am stuck like this :(
rid sinchez
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rid sinchez
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So I always had acne/zits since a young age and my skin was oily back then too. I didnt eat right before, after awhile I went vegetarian and I still am. I exercise I drink a lot of water and tea. Unfortunately though I also developed bulimirexia over the years. I still have it. I tried like all the natural/hollistic home remedies to cure my acne since it came back just last year, although the year before that it was very clear but I had no menstrual cycle in 2007. It came back in 2008 May. And now I have bad scars stuck there despite having gone through PDT 3 times now and wasted too much money on. What to do? I cant even make eye contact with people and I look down often to hide these marks.(While wearing make up of course I couldnt go out in public without it).


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