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A Newbie who needs some advice

A Newbie who needs some advice
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Hi Guys!

I just stumbled upon acne.org yesterday and read alot of posts and success stories.

I really wanted to start "healing" my face >,<" but I do not know how to start.

Well ... right now I have a really mild acne problem ... looks like they are all tired of popping out after all the years of popping out =3. My acne problem began since I was about 13/14 years old. They recently became "passive" since last year. I am 18 now by the way.

So ... Because of my "MASSIVE ACNE ATTACKS" back then ... I think there might have been some scarring ... or something ... (just take a look at my pics ... not sure if its acne scars though).

Still have lots of blackheads and whiteheads too >,<" gahhh ... hate them!

Anyways ... what do you guys advice? Should I start the acne.org regimen or use another ointment of some kind?

, Senrir =3


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