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What the heck?!

What the heck?!
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I have this stubborn acne that just won't go away and I have tried so many different things! I cut out dairy a week and a half ago, I have been oil cleansing with jojoba and castor oil, moisturizing with rosehip oil or CeraVe pm and I've been wearing make up made for sensitive skin and usually wear natural sunscreen.

What does it look like?? What do I do?! I'm at a loss and it's so discouraging. I bought some aloe vera gel, calamine lotion and the proactiv sulfur mask today..I probably shouldn't throw that all on my face but I'm just desperate. It's itchy and there's a couple deep cystic pimples. 

Also I realize it could be hormonal because of location..it just feels so irritated sometimes. I'm not on birth control (prone to migraines) and I have tried drinking lots of spearmint tea and taking evening primrose oil capsules with no success. I also drink lots of water!

Thank you for reading!!!! and...HELP!!! D:

I have this stubborn acne that just won't go away and I have tried so many different things! I cut out dairy a week and a half ago, I have been oil cleansing with jojoba and castor oil, moisturizing with rosehip oil or CeraVe pm and I've been wearing make up made for sensitive skin and usually wear natural sunscreen.

What does it look like?? What do I do?! I'm at a loss and it's so discouraging. I bought some aloe vera gel, calamine lotion and the proactiv sulfur mask today..I probably shouldn't throw that all on my face but I'm just desperate. It's itchy and there's a couple deep cystic pimples. 

Also I realize it could be hormonal because of location..it just feels so irritated sometimes. I'm not on birth control (prone to migraines) and I have tried drinking lots of spearmint tea and taking evening primrose oil capsules with no success. I also drink lots of water!

Thank you for reading!!!! and...HELP!!! D:


If your skin is itchy, you most likely have FUNGAL acne, NOT ordinary acne. One of the fungi that causes fungal acne FEEDS on organic oils so STOP applying oils to your skin. The oils will be making the problem WORSE (and worse) by feeding the fungus that is causing the problem.

Buy some topical clotrimazole  antifungal cream and apply that to the affected area 2-3 times a day (or 3-4 times a day, if possible).

If you get back to me with answers to the questions below, I can provide information on more specific antifungal creams to use to treat your particular problem.

Have you take antibiotics or accutane ? Do you have dandruff, flaking skin or seborhheic dermatitis ? Do you have a white tongue ? Fungal acne can be caused by taking antibiotics, and some other meds.

I look forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime start applying topical antifungal clotrimazole cream, wash your hair in an antidandruff shampo, and keep your skin VERY dry (apart from applying the antifungal cream).


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Hey thanks for responding. Does it look like fungal acne? A lot of people are saying hormonal because of the location. It doesn't always itch, just at times. I would only apply antifungal cream if I knew for sure it was fungal acne. To answer your questions:

-I have not taken antibiotics or accutane

-I do not have dandruff, flaking skin or seborrheic dermatitis (I don't think?)

-I do not have a white tongue

Does this affect your response? 

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Yes, it does look like fungal acne. Itchiness, particularly intermittent itching, is a sign of fungal acne. Most people, but not all people with fungal acne have the other symptoms. But not everyone does. 

One type of fungal acne is caused by applying organic oils to skin which you have been doing. Malasezzia fungus lives on organic oils. Malasezzia fungus CAUSES fungal acne.

The reason that the acne looks hormonal (but is probably not) is because malasezzia fungus feeds on oils, including the oils in your skin, and people's skin is oily where the fungal acne is on your skin.

You most likely have malasezzia fungal acne.

I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BUY TERBENAFINE CREAM (LAMISIL) AND APPLY IT TO THE AFFECTED AREAS OF YOUR SKIN> Topical antifungal creams such as terbenafine cream are TOTALLY SAFE. They will not damage your skin in any way or cause any side effects.


If you cannot get terbenafine cream without a prescription, then buy clotrimazole cream (Canesten) and use that instead of the terbenafine cream. If you can get terbenafine cream, you could mix it with clotrimazole cream.

Also wash your hair in an antidandruff shampo. I know you don't have dandruff, but antidandruff shampos are antifungal.

AND STOP APPLYING ANY ORGANIC OILS OR OTHER MOISTURISERS TO YOUR SKIN> DOING SO IS FEEDING THE FUNGUS>  and is probably causing the problem. Keep your skin very dry. You can dust it with antifungal powder at night.

The antifungal cream will provide enough moisture for your skin whilst controlling the fungus which is causing the problem.

I look forward to hearing whether your skin improves after applying terbenafine/clotrimazole cream for a week or so.

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Okay thank you. I may have to try this.

May I ask what about the appearance of the acne makes it look fungal and not like hormonal acne? (itching aside since you can't see that)

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The main reasons that I think you possibly/probably have fungal acne are the itching (= fungus) plus cystic "pimples" (fungal acne is usually cystic because the fungus invades the pores/follicles and creates cysts) plus the acne being stubborn (which means ordinary acne treatments are not working, therefore it is unlikely to be ordinary acne), and using organic oils (which would be encouraging/could be causing the fungal acne). Stubborn acne that does not disappear with ordinary acne treatments is often/usually fungal acne.

Fungal acne is similar in appearance to ordinary acne, but fungal acne usually spreads faster than ordinary acne, and fungal acne sometimes causes dry skin and red patches without "pimples". From the  photo you appear to have red patches on your cheeks without pimples ?

It t is worth applying antifungal cream, because it won't do any harm and it is likely to do some good. Clotrimazole antifungal cream is a good antifungal cream to start with because it is "broad spectrum".

If clotrimazole cream does not clear the problem, then it is worth trying a couple of other antifungal creams because antifungals are specific for different types of fungus. Two types of fungus cause fungal acne - malasezzia and candida. I think you probably have malasezzia fungal acne, because malasezzia fungus feeds on organic oils. 

You can buy some terbenafine antifungal cream (Lamisil) if you can get it out without a prescription, and mix the terbenafine cream  with the clotrimazole antifungal cream and apply the two antifungal creams together.

Also, keep your skin dry and do not use any organic oils or moisturisers with organic oils on it.

Do you have sinus problems ? Or toenail fungus or thrush (which is fungus) ? Or unexplained tiredness or feelings of disorientation/brain fog ? (these are signs of candida fungal outbreaks). Did the onset of migraines co-incide with your getting acne ?  Candida fungus can cause headaches/migraines.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Thanks again so much for your thorough answers. Question: I see a lot of people treating fungal acne with dandruff shampoos with anti-fungal ingredients like Head and Shoulders. Would this be okay to try if I don't have access to these creams at stores near me? I have never seen them before. I've heard a lot of people on reddit having success with the shampoo treatment?

Also to answer your questions: yes I have sinus problems, no I don't have toenail fungus, yes I have unexplained tiredness of and feelings of disorientation/brain fog (this is a big one!) and the onset of migraines may have coincided with my acne but I never really noticed so I can't say for sure. How do I treat all of these other symptoms?Also as for dryness I do have issues with my ears and lips (lips crack and peel and ears are itchy and flake). Sorry hah.

Thanks again.

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Update: I just purchased terbenafine antifungal cream as well as Head and Shoulders original shampoo containing pyrithione zinc. I will try these things out starting tonight. My only concern is that I am seeing a naturopath and she suggested the oil cleansing, but I will see how this affects things over the next few days before I see her again. 

If you could still let me know how to treat the other symptoms mentioned above if it's fungal-related that would be great. Thanks.

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DO NOT USE OIL CLEANSING. YOU WILL MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE. Oil cleansing is a "belief system" NOT a treatment.

Yes, do use a anti-fungal shampoo to wash your hair, but do NOT use Head and Shoulders on your skin - Head and Shoulders is far to harsh for facial skin and it will irritate your facial kin a lot (not your scalp).

Using antidandruff shampoos without using antifungal cream's in unlikely to fix your problem, but antidandruff shampoos will help control the problem. People generally need to use ntifungal cream/s as well as antidandruff shampoos to control fungal "acne". And in any case, do NOT use Head and Shoulders in your face. It will cause irritation.

I had concluded that malasezzia fungus (rather than candida fungus) is causing the outbreaks on your face - the evidence for that is strong.. Flaking and dry skin is a sign of malasezzia. BUT your othe symptoms are strongly indicative of candida outbreaks in your gut and elsewhere. 

Start applying the terbenafine creanm 2-3 times a day now.

Also, see if you can get nystatin antifungal cream also (sometimes sold as mycostatin) and apply it together with the terbenafine cream, to the affected areas. Nystatin cream targets candida, whereas terbenafine targets malasezzia. If you cannot get nystatin cream (without a prescription) then buy some clotrimazole cream (canesten) and apply that together with the terbenafine cream. You should be able to get clotrimazole cream without a prescription.

You should start to see results in a week to two weeks, providing you keep your skin DRY (apart from applying the antifungal cream/s).

Apply the terbenafine cream, mixed with the clotrimazole cream (or the nystatin cream) to any areas of flaking skin, along with using it on the "acne" areas.

The sinus problems, headaches, and feelings of disorientation (brain fog) are most likely caused by overgrowth of candida in your gut (and in your nose for the sinus problems). These symptoms are classic symptoms of candida overgrowth. The headaches, tiredness and brain fog are caused by the candida producing aldehydes (aldehydes are the chemical which causes hangovers from drinking too much alcohol).

You can get rid of candida in your gut, and hence get rid of your headaches/migraines, brain fog and tiredness by taking oral Nilstat (which is very safe). You should be able to buy oral Nilstat over the counter, without a prescription at a chemist. Oral Nilstat is sold to fix mouth thrush (ie, candida on the tongue, which causes a white tongue, which I realise you do not have).

You are supposed to swallow oral Nilstat (which contains nystatin) and it will control the candida in your gut and stop your headaches etc. Oral Nilstat will not control fungal acne, because nystatin, take orally, does not leave the gut, which is why it is safe to take.

Hopefully, oral Nilstat can be bought off the shelf in a pharmacy in your country. If it is kept "behind the counter" just ask for it - hopefully the pharmacist will give it to you.

If you cannot get oral Nilstat there are safe alternatives to control, your gut candida, but oral Nilstat is the best.  I can provide advice on alternatives, if necessary, after you find out whether you can buy oral Nilstat easily.

Which country are you in ? (apologies if I have already asked you that).

Candida in the sinuses is hard to get rid of, we'll come back to that one, after sorting out the other issues.

One other thing to be aware of - diet will not fix fungal problems, and it will not fix candida problems (contrary to what some people will tell you), BUT diet can make fungal problems worse. Headaches (and possibly fungal outbreaks generally) can be caused or made worse by histamines, gluten and some other compounds in foods. So, do NOT eat wheat, barley or rye products, or dairy products, or tinned fish, or leftover stews/curries, or strawberries or fermented foods, or sugar, or solanaceous foods (tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, eggplant), or any preservatives or food flavourings (particularly NOT MSG which gives most people migraines) or red wine or vinegar or soy sauce.

These "foods" etc. can exacerbate candida problems either directly by feeding gut candida, or by causing inflammation, or by making candida symptoms worse.

I look forward to hearing back from you ...

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Okay this is a lot of information to take in. I really appreciate your help but I'm not entirely sure about making all of these changes. I am currently seeing a naturopath, I have stopped oil cleansing for now and I am applying the anti-fungal cream to my face 2-3 times a day. I have been reading about what is safe for fungal acne and saw that aloe vera gel is also good for it so I have been applying that as well. As for washing my face, I did use head & shoulders last night (sorry!! I know you said not to but at this point I figured what do I have to lose) and it did make my face red at first but then went away and I applied anti-fungal cream and today my face does look less irritated. 

Another thing my naturopath suggested for acne is manuka honey and I read that it has anti-fungal properties. Would that be safe to use for washing my face? I will try to avoid wearing make up but if I happen to I'd like to use something to remove it. 

As for diet, I am not currently in the place to make all of those changes unless I am CERTAIN I have a fungal infection. I am already a pescatarian and have cut out dairy so my options are already quite limited. I have a pretty reasonable diet and try to eat everything in moderation and include healthy foods like flax smoothies, oatmeal and salads. 

I see my naturopath on Monday so I will be sure to mention all of this to her. At this point we will probably be discussing hormonal testing to see if that is a factor of my symptoms, mainly my acne, and to see what other factors could be involved. I think she'll understand why I stopped oil cleansing for now because of my concerns. Not only have I stopped oil cleansing, I haven't been using any products with oils in them such as the serum I was using. I do believe in a solid skincare regimen so it is hard to just apply an anti-fungal cream and nothing else. 

I will keep you posted on how things progress if you want me to. Thanks again for your continuous responses. Another concern of mine is money right now so I don't really want to go out and buy all of these things if I am unsure of the cause at this time, but I am taking your recommendation of applying the anti-fungal cream and using head & shoulders (on my hair but I saw a lot of people on reddit having success using it on their face?? but perhaps I could replace it with the manuka honey or something else.) Thanks again!!!!! 

P.S I seem to be having stubborn red marks in my chin area that just won't go away and I'm not sure if I should be treating that right now as well.

AND I should mention that I have been on Lexapro since February, but I was struggling with acne before I started it. This has been an issue for quite a while now. I don't think this would cause a fungal infection though? Thanks for reading all of this sorry I keep adding stuff this is all just very new to me! Never even looked into fungal acne before you commented.

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Thanks for your post

Honey is fine on skin.

Don't worry too much about diet. Just avoid gluten, dairy, preservatives, artificial flavourings, yeast products and sugar. Diet will NOT fix fungal problems (contrary to what some people will try and tell you), but some foods can make fungal conditions worse.

I would be very careful about taking any drugs - many of them have dreadful and long term side effects (which may not appear for a while but are very serious) - many drugs, including antidepressants, can cause dementia, heart attacks etc.

My apologies for my overly complex last posting.

I'll summarise the information that I provided above - Please do the following if you want to fix your problems -

1. Apply clotrimazole cream (Canesten) mixed with terbenafine cream and nystatin cream (if you can get it) or just apply clotrimazole cream with terbenafine cream to the areas with acne 2-3 times a day AND TO THE RED MARKS on your chin (which probably are caused by candida). Clotrimazole cream is cheap. This should clear the acne problem in a couple of weeks.

2. DO NOT use any organic oils or moisturisers on the affected areas of your skin - I realise that you know this. Putting oil or moisturisers on the affected areas of your skin will make the "acne" 10 times worse.

3. Wash your hair in an antidandruff shampoo. You can wash your face in Head and Shoulders shampoo if you wish, but H&S will probably irritate your skin. If it does not irritate your skin, then also wash your face in the H&S in the shampoo.

4. Take oral Nilstat, if you can get it without a prescription. Taking oral Nilstat will ( VERYlikely) stop your migraines, brain fog etc. in a few days. If you cannot get oral Nilstat, then get back to me and I can provide you with an alternative. 

5. There is a 99% likelihood that you DO have a fungal outbreak because you have itchy skin, brain fog, headaches/migraines, cystic acne, dry skin, itchy flaking ears, sinus problems, and the antifungal treatments are starting to work (that is evidence that the problem is fungal). ALL THESE ARE STRONG SIGNS OF FUNGAL OUTBREAK/S.

You only need to buy the antifungal clotrimazole cream (and maybe the antifungal nystatin cream) and the oral Nilstat if you can get it, so not a huge number of things to buy. I do understand your concerns about expense.

Be careful with naturopaths - some of them provide advice based on "belief systems" rather than on evidence (as do many doctors).

I don't want to be intrusive - but I am happy to hear back from you.

The reason I am concerned is because fungal acne can become VERY deeply entrenched and cause really serious skin problems (deep painful cysts which are almost impossible to get rid of) if not treated, and gut candida overgrowth can destroy one's quality of life through tiredness, brain fog, migraines etc. Both types of problems are relatively easy to fix in their early to mid stages, but are very difficult or close to impossible to fix, if left untreated for some time or are wrongly treated.

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Hey. Thanks for your comment as well! This is all interesting stuff.

As for my antidepressants, those are pretty serious claims to make and I am on them short-term as I was having a really hard time. I plan to be coming off them soon when I have other options available to me. At the end of the day, people kind of say everything causes cancer or dangerous long-term affects. Some would say using head & shoulders shampoo could cause cancer because of the chemicals in it, or the pills you suggested to me may be dangerous long-term. Who knows. 

Anyways..so I am already applying the terbenafine cream. I may pick up the other cream today but again I have been spending so much on skincare with little to no results so it's just slightly discouraging. May I ask why you are now also including nystatin cream? I thought it was just the 2 creams you suggested? 

So is aloe vera gel a no-go? I heard it has anti-fungal properties and read that it is safe to use for fungal acne? It is not an oil and not a typical moisturizer but is very soothing. 

I started washing my hair in H&S last night so we'll see how that affects things. I just put a little on my face in the shower and rinsed it off quickly so I wouldn't cause any irritation. As for washing my face I may use manuka honey or Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water since I heard it is great for removing make up and is safe for fungal acne and it seems to have a lot of great reviews for sensitive skin. Again I am sick of buying new things all the time though hah. 

So I haven't been getting migraines for quite a while now thank goodness. That could very possibly be because of the antidepressants since they are known to help with migraines. I would get them very rarely to begin with anyways. As for the other symptoms, yes my sinus problems and brain fog/tiredness are huge issues that affect me daily so finding the route of those issues and a solution would be amazing. I searched online for oral Nilstat at the drugstore near me and couldn't see it so what is the other option? I can go in and look around but it would be nice to know what else I can get if I can't see it. I see that it's for oral thrush? How does it help the other symptoms? Is it safe to take if fungal infection isn't the issue?

I understand what you're saying about naturopaths and doctors. And I don't mean to be rude in any way at all saying this, but are you suggesting I should trust a stranger on the internet over my doctor and naturopath? I am not meaning to be rude at all!! I just am wondering if maybe you have research to back all of this up? Personal experience? How did you become an expert on this? Again I am not trying to be disrespectful, I respect what you're saying and really do appreciate your thorough responses. Thanks so much.


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Help ---

Yes, you are right that people claim all sorts of side effects for everything. The reason that I made the comment about anti depressants is that a lot of information is now coming out about adverse efects of antidepressants tc. You have to make your own judgement call, of course. But I would read everything you can about antidepesants and similar medication.

Oral Nilstat very safe because nystatin is a large molecule and it does not get out of one's gut. It certainly does not cross the brain barrier, which is when drugs can become dangerous. See if you can get oral Nilstat or nystatin tablets (which are very safe) online. Taking nystatin tablets or Nilstat should/will fix your brain fog and tiredness, very safely.

Brain fog and sinus issues are symptoms of candida.

I think one should do one's own research and make one's own judgement about treating chronic conditions. I would not not necesarily believe what the medical profession or naturopaths tell you. I would (maybe) seek advice from these people, but I would be aware that some doctors and naturopaths do not provide advice from evidence - rather they provide advice based on their belief systems.

My advice is based on scientific evidence from the scientific literature and my own experience. I am not a medical professional, but I have spent over 2,500 hours reading scientific papers about fungal acne and related conditions. 

Everything that I suggest is totally safe, so even if it does not work, it cannot do any harm and it will not make the problem worse. This is in contrast to doctors and naturopaths who prescribe dangerous drugs (doctors - oral antibiotics and accutane are DANGEROUS) and products that can make the problem worse (both doctors and naturopaths).

Aloe vera should be fine on your skin.

The reason I suggested nystatin cream is because you have symptoms of candida (brain fog, tiredness, sinus) and of malasezzia (flaking ears etc). Thus, your acne could be caused by both candida and malasezzia. Terbenafine cream targets malasezzia and nystatin cream targets candida. Clotrimazole cream is a broad spectrum  antifungal cream and targets both, to some extent.

Thus, start by applying terbenafine and clotrimazole cream. If that does not fix the acne problems, then add nystatin cream to the mix.

Look up high histamine foods on the web and avoid eating them. Your sinus problems are probably/possibly caused by candida, but eating foods high in histamines will make the problem worse.

I understand our concerns. But pls do note that everything that I suggest comes from personal experience, checked in the scientific literature, used on myself and checked for safety.

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Awesome ok thanks!

I looked at a few drug stores near me today and could not find Nilstat. What were the other options? 

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Looks like you need a prescription to buy oral Nilstat i Canada, which is very odd given how safe nystatin is (Nilstat is available over the counter - no prescription required -  in Australia).

Therefore, buy some of these Dequadin lozenges (which do not need a prescription) and suck on them and swallow the saliva etc as you suck on them.  https://www.walmart.ca/en/dequadin/N-1279796

The active ingredient in Dequadin lozenges is anti-fungal. For some reason, one cannot buy Dequadin lozenges any more in Australia. They are quite safe - we used to take them for mouth ulcers as children.

 I have ordered some Dequadin lozenges for myself from overseas because they are antifungal.

Let me now how the Dequidin lozenges go in helping to fix your feelings of disorientation etc. They probably won't be as good as Nilstat but they will be better than nothing.

I take undeconoic acid tablets which do control gut candida, and thence they stop feelings of disorientation etc,. caused by gut candida (I have taken undeconoic acid tablets on and off for years) - you can get undeconoic acid tablets online in Canada without a prescription. They are safe - see below......



I guess you could ask your doctor for a prescription for oral Nilstat - the problem is that he/she probably won't give it to you because doctors don't "believe" that gut candida problems exist in otherwise healthy people. (They are wrong on this - this is one of my annoyances with doctors).


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Alright sweet I will try to get my hands on those lozenges, thank you!! You think they will be affective in treating some symptoms? Yeah I'm not sure how my doctor would respond to any of this to be honest. I will be mentioning it all to my naturopath tomorrow. At this point I do believe my acne is either hormonal or fungal and I am hoping to get tested for both. Would be nice to get some answers soon! Thanks again for your insight I really do appreciate all of this!

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Thanks Help

Your approach makes sense.

I meant to mention yesterday that if you decide to try taking the undeconoic acid capsules, then please do check their safety etc. on the web. I meant to say - make your own judgement call on the undeconoic acid capsules. They are safe, but you should check that for yourself.

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Hey. Yeah I don't think I'll be trying those, at least not yet. I bought some of the Dequadin lozenges today and have tried 2 already. How long do you think it takes to notice a difference? 

Topically, I've been sticking with the same stuff and I got a couple deep cysts a couple days ago so I don't know what's going on. My naturopath really believes it is hormone-related as she looked at my hormone levels and some of them were off, so she now has me taking vitamins/supplements for that which she believes should positively impact my brain fog, moods and acne. To be fair my acne is located around my jaw and chin which is often shown to be hormone-related and stubborn when it comes to topical treatments. 

But then you're telling me it sounds fungal-related..so I'm wondering how to tell the difference. I would love to treat it properly so I'm now at the point where I'm considering a dermatologist so they can see if it is fungal or hormonal and what would be the appropriate thing to apply topically. I wouldn't take antibiotics or anything...but I would maybe consider Spironolactone since it is often used for hormonal acne (also this would be worst case scenario if my acne doesn't respond to other things).

It seems there is some overlap in what you are saying about fungal acne and what my naturopath is saying about hormonal acne, such as cleaning the gut and limiting certain foods. I am sort of confused right now and feel like I should maybe be treating both until I get certain answers? I don't want to be applying anti-fungal cream if it is hormonal and I don't want to be applying moisturizers/oils if it is fungal, so I am at a loss right now! 

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I understand your puzzlement, but note - .

Have you been applying the terbenafine cream (Lamisil) -is that what you meant by applying the "same stuff" . Has it helped control the "acne " If it has not,then please buy some clotrimazole antifungal cream and PLEASE APPLY the clotrimazole cream 2-3 times a day, together with the terbenafine cream, and see if that controls the problem. You will know after a week of applying the anti-fungal creams 2-3 times a day whether the problem is fungal or not.


Even if the condition is hormonal and IS ordinary acne, not fungal acne, applying antifungal cream will not make the problem worse, so why not do it ....

The places on your face where you have acne are also places where moisture accumulates on one's face, and where sebum is highest (hence the effects of hormones on those areas), and fungus loves moisture , and one type of fungus that causes fungal acne feeds on sebum.  Your acne could be both hormonal and fungal, ie, hormones make more sebum which encourages the fungus to grow.

I don't know whether the Dequidin lozenges will help to control brain fog or not. I know that oral Nilstat controls brain fog caused by candida. Let me know how you go with the Dequidin lozenges. They won't do any harm if taken for a week or so.

Where did the deep cysts occur ??

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In the usual place- chin/mouth area. It's just constant reoccurrence and my hormone levels came back showing an imbalance which tells me it is most definitely hormonal acne. 

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Did the naturopath do a blood test to check your hormone levels ?

Like I said above, a person can have fungal acne as a RESULT of hormone inbalance - ie, fungus is causing the acne but the reason that the fungus is cauiing the acne is because the hormone levels are out of balance.

This is why some women get vagina thrush at certain times of the month. The hormone levels change during the monthly cycle (as you probably know) and the high hormone levels triggers the thrush (thrush is candida.

Having high or low hormone levels (ie, hormonal inbalance) is quite consistent with having fungal acne. 

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Yes I had a blood test done and my DHEA levels are too high. And how does a hormonal imbalance cause fungal acne? 

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Hormonal inbalances causes fungal acne BECAUSE hormonal inbalances cause too much sebum to be produced (which is what also causes ordinary acne).

Malasezzia fungus FEEDS on sebum. Malasezzia fungus causes fungal acne. You most likely have malasezzia fungal acne, from applying the organic oils plus too much sebum (caused by the hormonal inbalance).

Thus, the malasezzia has been "having a feast" on your skin....because the foods that it lives on are there in abundance from your sebum and the organic oils that you were also putting on your skin.

Are you still applying the terbenafine cream ??


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Oh okay, that is interesting thanks! 

I have been applying the terbenafine cream but not as frequently. I will go back to 2-3 times a day!

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