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bumpy skin texture

bumpy skin texture
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i have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. ever since getting hormonal acne around 11 years old until now, my skin has formed a bumpy texture which is especially prominent on the sides of my forehead, center of my chin, nose etc. it looks terrible under the light.

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Hello, I believe I know what you have. I posted here not long ago searching for answers as well. No one here answered me, but through research I found a site on "fungal acne" and "fungal folliculitis", which I'm positive I have (because its responding to treatment), and your bumps look identical to mine when they're not flared up. What they bumps actually are, is little yeast plugs. It's common to get this "rash" after use of antibiotics especially the Tetracycline family, and prolonged use of acne treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide. Some people are just prone to this condition without the use of any "causative agents". From what I read 90% of the skin products (yes, even the acne.org products) feed the yeast responsible for this rash. I found THE BEST website which explains everything and has lists of safe products to use. If you scroll WAY down to the comments you'll find links to some reddit pages with info as well. Yours doesn't look bad so hopefully a simple change in products will heal you up! Good luck


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