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Acne.org Experience - Caution!

Acne.org Experience - Caution!
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I used Acne.org AHA 10% for approximately 6 months and out of the blue I got a rash under both my eyes and the corner of my lip. I spent 3 months going to specialty dermatologist appointments (including getting a skin biopsy under my eye and multiple antibiotic rounds and prescription skin creams) to figure out the cause. The dermatologist determined I had some sort of contact or allergic dermatitis and I stopped using all my face products. Upon using this product after my face completely cleared - my rash returned. The dermatologist ultimately determined this product directly caused my perioral dermatitis and put me back on steroid creams to clear it back up again.

I would strongly caution anyone from using this product. 

Customer service also refused to refund my money, stating: "Unfortunately, even if you do return these orders to us, we can no longer issue a refund on your order since it has already been past our 60 day return policy. We do mention this on our site."


Start of Acne.org Regimen January 17, 2017

Start of Acne.org regimen (cleanser, BPO)

2017-01-17 21.59.04.jpg

2017-01-17 21.59.07.jpg

2017-01-17 21.59.09.jpg

8 Week Progress - March 28, 2017

8 week progress of Acne.org regimen (cleanser, BPO, AHA 10% added February 14th)

2017-03-28 22.13.15.jpg

2017-03-28 22.13.20.jpg

2017-03-28 22.13.25.jpg


6 Month Progress - Start of Rash - July 25, 2017


6 month progress picture. Acne doing slightly better but still getting breakouts on chin. Note rash beginning under bilateral eyes and corner of left lip. 
January 17 to February 14: Cleanser, BPO 
February 14 to July 25: Cleanser, BPO, AHA 10%

2017-07-25 21.10.59.jpg


6 Month Progress - Start of Rash - July 26, 2017

6 month progress picture. I stayed home from work this day because my face was so swollen. Got prescribed an antibiotic because the MD thought I had cellulitis. 
Please excuse that I look completely horrid in this photo. This was right after I woke up and I did not recognize the person I saw in the mirror. 
January 17 to February 14: Cleanser, BPO 
February 14 to July 25: Cleanser, BPO, AHA 10%

2017-07-26 04.52.58.jpg


Waiting for my Dermatologist Appointment - July 31, 2017

Few days before dermatologist appointment. All facial products stopped. 
January 17 to February 14: Cleanser, BPO 
February 14 to July 25: Cleanser, BPO, AHA 10%

2017-07-31 18.54.24.jpg


Post Dermatologist Appointment - August 2, 2017

This is after my dermatologist appointment. MD did not know what my rash was, so he took a skin punch biopsy next to my left eye and sutured it closed. Prescribed Protopic topic steroid cream to apply before bedtime. Nothing else applied to my face - no other ointments, creams, or make up. 
2 weeks later the pathologist determined my sample was either contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis.
January 17 to February 14: Cleanser, BPO 
February 14 to July 25: Cleanser, BPO, AHA 10%

2017-08-02 19.25.09.jpg


Dermatitis Update - Progress after 4 days of Protopic - August 6, 2017

Progress photo on dermatitis caused by AHA 10%. This is the 4th day after starting the prescription called Protopic - a topical steroid cream. Note that rash is almost gone. 
Rash completely healed within 7 days and my skin was clear for the first time in months. 
2017-08-06 10.09.38.jpg


AHA 10% Test - Overnight Rash - November 26, 2017

I tested the AHA 10% last night - this is what happened. The AHA 10% definitely caused this horrible rash overnight. I applied my Protopic prescription from August - hopefully it takes care of it soon. 

I cannot warn anyone enough against using the AHA product - it is not worth it! This company also refuses to issue me a refund since I purchased the AHA more than 60 days ago. 

2017-11-26 11.09.28.jpg


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