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Severe acne to clear skin

Severe acne to clear skin
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Okay so around June 2015 (when I posted my first post) my skin wasn't too bad but it sucked, I had little bumps EVERYWHERE and they did not want to go away, so I went to the dermatologist some time after and they prescribed me a generic version of Retin-A. It worked fairly good, all the nasty stuff under my skin started surfacing and popping but it reached a point where everything started to surface and not go away. So I was a face full of pus and to top everything off, I started having cystic acne too. I did the worst thing I could do which is to pick it, I was left with what I had in the before picture ^. My face was now left with pus, scabs, pimples, and A LOT of redness. I eventually got depressed and did not want to go back to school (all this was also during the summer right before my sophomore year of high school), I cried every night feeling worthless and I even decided to be homeschooled and not go to my public school anymore, I didn't even care if I left my friends. But homeschooling didn't work out since I had missed so much of public school already so I had to go back to school without warning and felt so insecure that I covered my cheeks with skin colored tape. That was another reason my skin got worse because the tape would just rip off my scabs but I didn't care at the time because I would rather hide my acne then show it. So eventually two years passed and I took the after picture last night, I honestly can't exactly say what helped my skin because I'm not 100% sure but if I did have to say an answer then it would be time. The only product I've used throughout back then and now is the cetaphil daily cleanser for normal to oily skin. Currently my face routine is just the cleanser and to exfoliate with this tiny rubber exfoliator once in a while. I have so much scars right now that it still makes me really insecure, I've also worn makeup everyday to school for all four years but recently since two weeks ago I have been stopping a bit because I joined the swim team. I think the cause of all of this was that I fell asleep with a ton of makeup on after my 15th birthday party. Well that is all and I wish all you guys luck with your acne journey !!! I'm currently a senior in hs and I'll update you guys if any major changes happen! Feel free to contact me if you'd like too 













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