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1 year post tane!
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I haven't posted in years and a lot happend. A year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life when I finally after 17 years of trying everything with no lasting results I went back to a derm and was immediately started on my Zenatane Journey. I cleared up almost completely in 2 months and only did a 5 months cycle...I did have side effects my body constantly hurting all over to the bone was the worst for me, nosebleeds,  being in a permanent state of full rage bitch mode most of the time and my lips looking like a crusty scab. 
I was pretty miserable the entire 5 months but will do it again in a heartbeat if the need shall ever arise again. 

having moderate to cystic acne for so long really took it's toll on my self esteem,  everytime I looked in the mirror it was all I could focus on. I would look around my bathroom at the literal thousands of dollars of half empty  bottles and tubes I once opend hopefully wishing that this would be the one.

Going to school, work or family gatherings and people asking me if I wash my face or catching them looking at my face. If they only knew the extent to which I dedicated my life trying to fix my skin.

Once I was almost lost to depression and considered taking my own life. While my skin wasn't the only cause it was a major factor. My head would tell me that no one would ever want to be with someone who looked the way I did. At my worst I barely left my mother's house for two years and lived my life purely online. I remember when I first found ance.org and it gave me hope seeing so many people just like myself..finally people who understood. 
I am forever grateful for Dan and this site for helping me though one of the darkest times of my life. 




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