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As of today I started taking Minocycline 100mg 1qd (just for a week then I will start taking 2bid per my derm.) I also started taking Probiotic, Vitamin Calcium 1000mg, D3 600IU, Zinc 15mg, Mag 400mg and Vitamin E 400IU (I start taking these on my own) . My derm also precribed Tretinoin 0.05% but I wanted to wait to start that till I got some Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with spf 15  and Cerave Foaming facial cleanser. ugghh my skin is horrible I hope this helps if not then he want to put me on accutane. 


On Friday 6/30 I took my second dose of minocycline per usual at 10pm I had officially been on it a month. Lorrrdd let me tell you I had the worse allergic reaction. Swelling (that were mainly focused on my joints knees, ankles, hips, wrist, knuckles, elbows and shoulders) the hives on the other hand where pretty much everywhere on me today (7/6) am not as itchy I still have some hives BUUUTT all my joints are back to their normal size. I’m going to see my PCP on Friday for hospital follow up (my derm was booked). Oh I forgot to mention I had to go to the hospital on Sunday because my lips started swelling I didn’t want to go because I know I was going to get a huge bill for something I could just wait out but everyone insisted and I went there they gave me Prednisone 60mg 1qd for 3 days (which made my joint ache more) and Hydroxyzine 25mg for the itching (that my friends helped ALOTT). Anyways fuck all that I rather have acne then try Accutane which has wayyy more side effects.





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