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celeteque facial wash
celeteque toner
clindamycin sos
bp 2.5%
myra e moisturizer
aha (every other night)

been breaking out a lot recently :(. for the past few weeks it was just small pimples. now it's big pimples. fortunately it's just localized on my right cheek and it's not everywhere. i dont have 100% clear skin as i do have a lot of small comedones and i don't expect 100% clear skin. i just hope these big zits go away!! hopefully this stops. i havent been using the recommended full amount of bp for the longest time( because it gives me the reddest and dullest skin) and it was working fine until now. 

Photo >/monthly_2016_08/57b694ab7eed2_Photoon19-08-2016at1.03PM3.thumb.jpg.e560fbe278c875f0c80cbee606583048.jpg

Photo >/monthly_2016_08/57b694b68ff1e_Photoon19-08-2016at1.04PM.thumb.jpg.d0597a2729469804d58fd240ab0c8a81.jpg

Photo >/monthly_2016_08/57b694c20d302_Photoon19-08-2016at1.04PM2.thumb.jpg.e867173cd843dd4deff5424c587fb712.jpg

Photo >/monthly_2016_08/57b694cfc6131_Photoon19-08-2016at1.04PM3.thumb.jpg.3b1a06a4ea794a3b88b6d6f8203c3285.jpg


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