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Acne improvement process

Acne improvement process
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I had acne when I was grade 7 until now I'm 22 years old! I tried a lot of ways to improve my skin even I went to doctors and waste much money than I could count! My skin improved for a while and got back to the beginning when I stop using the medicine from doctors! I feel disappointed because my major is hospitality so I need good outlook for communication to my guests!

One day, when I surf on the internet and I browse "acne before and after", I see some videos and I just type one of those! That youtuber had a same problem with me, she has tried a lot of products to improve her skin, they didn't work until she find the Acne.org, she gave it a try and she saw the improvement, she make the clip just want to share her experience and her video is not sponsored by anyone or any organization!

I don't know why I feel believed in her video and I ask my friends in Us bought the Acne.org products and ship to me! :dan:
I just hoped that would work on my skin! :hifive:

This is the album I record my improvement for each months while I'm on the treatment! I settle my schedule on my phone to remind me take "photos of improvement of acne" and post them to this album

All my photos are unretouch photos so they are real photos and I try my best to take those photos at same time and same place, same light for everyone easy to compare before and after!

Finally, don't hesitate to leave a comment or any questions, I am willing to answer as soon as possible! :shifty2:

P/S: I am Vietnamese and Vietnam is in South East Asia so the weather is tropical, dry and hot, it makes your skin easy to get oily! And last but not least my skin type is oily skin also!


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