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The Regimen saved my skin.

The Regimen saved my skin.
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I had acne way back in 2007 when I was a teenager. I never stopped having acne. I tried everything from dermatologist to Proactive, Acne Free, home made mask... and gave up many times thinking that I will just learn to live with acne. I knew of the regimen in the beginning of this year. I didnt want to try it but I tried anyway. It didn't change anything at first but after about 3, 4 months, I see some improvements, just a little, and there was time my skin got worse again, but not for long. I got excited and kept using it and my acne completely gone now. I am not saying I have the most perfect skin. I still got some acne around my period but it is no way near what I had before. Thank you Dan.
My advise:
- Drink a lot of water. drink more water. drink drink drink until you can't drink any more. Tip: always bring bottle of water with you and keep track of how much water you drink during the day.
- Don't eat high carb food and sugar. I know it's very hard (at least for me) But trust me it's worth it. You can do more research on this if you want. It definitely helped me.
- Follow the EXACT instructions when using the products. It's very important. it's not gonna work if you use it wrong.
Good luck on your journey. Don't give up. Believe in the products and believe in yourself.


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