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My Success with "The Regimen"

My Success with "The Regimen"
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I am someone who was genetically cursed as far as my complexion goes. Before I discovered the Acne.org Regimen, the last time I can recall my skin being clear was my Elementary School class photo. By the time I was 13, I was at the Clinque counter at Macy's while some woman in a periwinkle suit poked away at my tiny face. While my mother invested hundreds of dollars trying to prevent her daughter from having to go through an acne nightmare, I sat there and lived it. I had "okay" days which meant that I only had 5 or so blemishes, but other than that, the only clear days I knew were days that I packed concealer. As I grew up, nothing changed. Well I shouldn't say that - instead - nothing got better. My skin was losing it's elasticity and I was scaring after every blemish had healed. My pores were becoming enlarged, and I was plagued with an awfully uneven complexion anywhere a zit wasn't. After my mother had great success with Accutane (TWICE!) I decided to give it a go. However, all of the birth control methods, blood work, and check ups, taught me that I wasn't willing to give up so much of my time, money, and health for the sake of vanity. With acne though, it isn't just cosmetic - it becomes mental. On days my skin was really bad, I couldn't even look people in the eye. I gave up on the idea of prescription drugs after the inability to dedicate myself to Accutane and multiple failed experiences with antibiotics. I started to get really into natural cures and tried egg whites, lemon juice, weird oils "blessed" with good vibes from a yoga master and an insane amount of dietary supplements. I had a "M T W T F S S" pill box filled with Vitamin D 3000, Zinc, Chelated Zinc, Iron, & Biotin. The only thing that may have came from that is nausea. I must admit, when I took Zinc, the first few days my skin would have an awesome glow, but that's it. I stuck with Zinc for months and it just wasn't for me. Then it happened, within one of the many hours I spent researching acne treatments, I found Acne.org. I took a change and ordered two parts of regimen - the treatment and the moisturizer. I had already fell in love with a cleanser that I found on my own at a drugstore. African Black Soap by Shea Moisture. It left my skin tight and clean, but not striped and dry. The only downfall of this stuff is that it leaves a mess. Black soap = black soap suds...all over my sink...all the time. Every morning and night I wash my face with the black soap (twice if I'm wearing makeup), dry my face, and then I lightly massage a quarter sized amount of Acne.org Treatment into my face. Daniel isn't messing around when he directs to gently massage until it's completely absorbed. On days that I'm lazy and DON'T do this, I do not see full results. I'm guilty of not moisturizing my entire face all the time. I always apply Jojoba oil around my eyes (it works wonders with makeup removal), but I only do my whole face when I feel necessary. I really enjoy the Acne.org moisturizer. It's creamy and substantial, but not oily and thick. It's great - but I only use it when I wear make up. Otherwise, I typically just like to use a wet cotton ball with a few drops of jojoba oil and run it over the surface of my skin. Jojoba oil and Organic Tea Tree oil are both great things if you run out of either of The Regimen products.

To recap - My skin is stubborn and miserable without 3 things: African Black Soap, Acne.org Treatment, & Jojoba Oil.

Three other things that helped me: Sleep, water, & a gluten-free diet.


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