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Before starting the Regimen with Acne.org products.

My skin before starting the regimen is very dry, peeling, dull. I have cystic acne all along my jaw and cheeks. I've never had acne this bad. My face did not look like this 4 months ago. Within that span of time my face blew up and I do not know the cause since I have been using the same face wash for almost 7 years. I visited with my doctor and they were sure that it is all hormonal since I'm no longer a teenager. I've done research and it seems like more or less women who are in their twenties go through the same thing I'm going through. I'm not used to all this acne on my face, it hurts and doesn't help my self esteem. All throughout high school and until now I've had very clear skin. I guess this is just the many perks of growing up. Recently my best friends sister reccomended I try using acne.org products since they worked wonderfully for her and I could tell because her skin is clear and smooth as butter and that's what I want! Within the next week I purchased the acne.org products and received them on my birthday! I started the regimen right away and could already tell a big difference by the third day! I'm loving the regimen, acne.org products, and results so far! I will keep updating!


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