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ACNE go away!!!please?

ACNE go away!!!please?
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2011....comedonal acne....that's what my dermatologist said..after months and months of using different acne treatments, i finally mustered up all my courage (and money) and consult a doctor.... i was really surprised at how understanding and helpful he was....

new regimen As of March 16, 2012
...Isotretinoin modified course 40mg a day for seven days, a month for 6months duration
...wash with sulfur soap once a day, cetaphil cleanser rinse with ice cold water, brewed fresh moringa oleifera plant +clindamycin+vit c+a pinch of salt solution as antibacterial toner, cetaphil lotion for moisturizing.....

2013.... Meh ...

2014..... I have stopped accutane.... Have not been back to my derm for a long while... Guess i was just busy with work...

Sooo far 2014 is going bad for me.... ACNE is still persistent and now i don't have any control over it whatsoever...
It is all over my:

It's gross... Painful and unbearable....

I just got tested this month and WHAM... ObGyn told me i have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)... And that the reason why i maybe having this bad ACNE BREAKOUT is due to my F$&@ed Up Hormones....

Soooo ACNE+PCOS+ this lump on my breast (which im gonna have removed to undergo biopsy in 3 weeks)..... Help me God!!!!

After recovery from my soon to be surgery.... Will undergo hormonal therapy aka birth control pills in which my dr is hopeful to correct my imbalance and can help out with my acne...


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