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hello i am new to this site and can do with some advice quick please

my story for the photos is so you can get a better understanding of the situation.

ok ill try and keep it short.

long time acne suffer tried everything all creams and antibiotics.

then final straw was accutane IT WORKED:)
100% clear skin best time of my life i had so much confidence it was unreal i had a bit of old scarring but the tane helped smooth it out and take away the redness i was an unbelievably happy 24 year old and i then i came of it.

then BANG two months later my very old scars which have been healed for ages (before accutane) somehow got infected? the past year has been a complete nightmare they went red and filled with watery yellowish puss and they would drain everyday on there own and the smell was unbearable i mean just awfull i told the doctor and he just kept giving me antibiotics all the time it didnt work this is weird they would leak everyday without fail for 10 months since the accutane i had no new spots or anything just these infected very old scars i just dont get it is it acne/ in grown hair or some weird infection.

i told the doc to refer me to a derm on the nhs
At the moment the old scars are not really leaking but there beginning to leave horrible open wounds that are going to scar and dont know how to treat them.

please help my whole life has changed for the worst i know it sounds dramatic but it really gets me down.


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