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Journey Pics
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Pictures from 2011 when my skin was at its worst.

Before these pictures were taken I have been on:

Retin-A Micro
Differin, (in all different strengths)
Birth control pills
Proactive was a joke in 8th grade
I have done diet modifications; Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, etc which I had done for at least 6 months each. I did the green smoothies daily, I always exercised, tired the vitamin concoction haha. B5 vitamin powder in smoothies and in a facial mask I made. Tried milk thistle/VIt C/E and all that junk. I stopped ingesting dairy in 2009. I also stopped eating packaged foods and ditched caffeine and sugar, and I still broke out. I took a hormone imbalance test, a skin patch allergy test, and thyroid test, and nothing showed up. I bought a shower filter and a Hepa filter for my room. I extensively cleaned my room in case of airborne bacteria that was somehow effecting my skin. I bought all sorts of organic peels and creams, living in Santa Cruz I have an abundance of clean organic products to use, so it was ultimately endless, but exhausting. Eminence products helped but again the acne would show its ugly face. I begged for Spiro when I found out I had a slight increase in testosterone, which was a mistake....

so I finally took Accutane.


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