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Progress with Retin-A and Clinique 3 step system

Progress with Retin-A and Clinique 3 step system
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I used to have perfectly clear skin until i started taking a progesterin only birth control ( ortho-cyclen) and from then on my face broke out uncontrollably. I stopped he birth control after a month of using it and now i am keeping track of my acne/scars while i used the following.

Morning Routine:
1. Wash my face with Clinique #2 gel cleanser
2. then i use the #3 toner on my problem areas
3. Then i wait until my face is dry and apply Clinques's #3 gel mosturizer
4.I then liberally apply Clinique's Spf 40 oil free face city defense sunscreen

Night time Routine:
1. Wash with Clinques's #2 face wash
2. I then use my Clinque #3 toner on problem areas
3. wait 15 mins then i apply Retin-A on my cheeks and t-zone
4. I wait another 15 mins and then apply my Clinique #3 gel mosturizer

Every other night i also apply crushed aspirin to my cheeks and t-zone which are my problem areas.

I see progress and hope that it continues to get better


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