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Hi guys

I just thought I'd check in a offer some positive encouragement for all those on the regimen.

I started the regimen 18 months ago after spending probably almost 20years looking for a cure from my facial acne (I'm 32 now), I tried it all, Roaccutane (the Australian name for Accutane), antibiotics, expensive derm-prescribed topicals, changed diets, changed soaps, exfoliation etc, you name it I tried it - and nothing worked and I had begun to lose hope of ever having clear skin - and then I came onto this site and I'm very happy to say that it changed my life.

Who knew that using the 2.5% BP would be more effective than the 10% I was prescribed as a teenager, anyway I am now essentiall spot free (I still get them occaisonally which is a reminder that its not a cure but generally only when I forget to use the required amount of BP or for some unknown reason after I fly long distances).

To you guys thinking about giving it a go - dont think, just do - it will change your life.

One thing I found that worked well for my skin was to use products with an oil base - I use Pure Deming Intense Gel which has a jojoba oil base and their palm oil soap - and I would never have thought that using an oil based product could help my skin after I spent years bemoaning all the sebum my skin produces - but it works for me.

Just wanted to offer all the best to you folks out there beginning your regimen - its all worth it - hopefully you guys wont have to deal with 20 years of acne like I had to.

All the best


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Hi Mikka,

That's an encouraging post! :) Thanks for sharing your experience.

I've also struggled with acne for a long time (13 years in my case). CSR finally did the trick. :D

I tried it all as well, but Roaccutan (it's also called Roaccutan in Latin America, because of ROCHE labs). I was so desperate and finding this site kind of saved my life. :D

Well, congratulations on your success! ;)

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