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Aloe Vera - QUESTION

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yea, it does tend to just sit on the skin in my experience. And it dries a bit gummy/tacky, and then it wants to flake off sometime after it dries.

I'm sure it is a wonderful healing product to put on cuts, but for all-over moisturization, I've not seen anyone stick with it.

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I've never used it for acne purposes, but when I use it for sunburn I agree with Brandy that after it has soaked in a bit it does tend to leave the skin a bit tacky, and feel like some is left on the surface :)

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In Australia we have this awesome aloe vera gel called Thursday Plantation 100% pure so basically it's just aloe vera crushed into a smooth gel and put into a tub lol. Anyways, it rubs straight into the skin and dries completely within like 2 secs. Thus it doesn't sit on the skin and you wouldn't even know it was ever there one you rub it in.

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whenever ive used aloe vera gel (which was probably not 100% pure) it absorbed quickly, but gave me a dry type of feeling. does the same to my boyfriend. but thats just us.

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