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detoxifying herbs

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Today I went to a chinese herb shop and asked if any thing would help with acne.

the girl suggested these detoxifying pills which are made from herbs would help.

i dont think it might help for everyone though.

has any one tried it ? im thinking about doing it soon :D

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Never tried a pill like that, I just take whatever I need individually like Zinc, Vitamin C, Omega 3's etc,. its nearly impossible to tell whats working and what isnt however. One thing people seem to have success with are probiotics, ive been taking them and my skin seems better but who knows if thats the reason why.

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yes. I have actually just started using a chinese herbal formulation made by a man named Dr. Kang.

Apparently, this man is well respected in the Chinese Medicine business, and his formulas are said to be amazing. I am using his pill called "Blemishes" to fight my acne. I have only used it for a few weeks so far, but i have already seen some nice improvement. The website for this formula is:


i think this site lists all the ingredients used in his formulas, but as they are in Chinese, it would be difficult i think to really research them more.

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im not really sure but i kno it was 100% natural. i didnt buy it yet so i didnt get to check.

i dont think you should take pills without knowing what is in them bc how do you know it isnt a scam? juss bc it says 100% on the bottle or the perosn says it is isnt necessarily true and you never buy anything without it syaing what is in it and how many mg. I know i woudlnt take anything not knowing what kind of "herbs" are in it.

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