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Dianette / Contraception & Accutane

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Ive almost finished my 3rd month of dianette and have been told by my derm that i'll be starting accutane at the end of june. She told me to stay on the dianette which i knew she would for obvious reasons.

Thing is tho i hate taking it and cant stand the side effects im suffering, so im going to stop taking them..... my question is - is it wise to come clean at my next derm appt (the one when i;ll get my prescription) and tell her i've stopped them or tell a white lie?

White lie looks like the favourable option, it annoys me that i should be feeling like this but for some reason derms seem to think women should be on the bcp and they cant be trusted to use any other form of contraception.... grrrr

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hate to break it to you but condoms are only 80 percent effective. most unplanned pregnancies occur over broken or "slipped" condoms. perhaps discuss trying a different bc pill. diane or dianette is very speically formulated and is very much unlike any other pill, it could be that difference that is causing the side effects.

if you're sexually active you really should use 2 methods of protection regardless, it just is the safer way to do things because really...who wants the stress of not knowing or what ifs?

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