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cortizone injection indentation and enlarged pores

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ok so i got a cortizone injection two weeks ago and it has left this big dent in my cheek with a dark spot also the past few months ive noticed that ive gotten enlarged pores or maybe its acne scarring from stress. i wanted to know what is the best treatment to use to fix this indent on my face. also is there any creams that can be used for the enlarged pores or something to stop me from getting enlarged pores. let me know the best treatment for these kind of scars. thanks..

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Hmm...with the 'big dent' im not sure if its a good idea to do anything drastic seeing as its only 2 weeks ago you had a cortizone injection, maybe something to help heal it such as emu oil and/or cp. But i dont wish to give bad advice so maybe someone who is better informed can help. If the indent is still there after the gentle methods of aiding healing you could try something like needling the area to promote collegen. There is a lot of info on the site about needling but may not be a good idea to do it now. (also if you had a cortizone injection i assume its because you had a raised scar?? if you are prone to this kind of scaring then something like needling would probably be a bad idea.)

As for the enlarged pores ..gahhh....so many of us are on this quest atm. Im trying glycolic peels and retin-a but not helping much it seems. Im going to try a home dermabration and maybe epeel later. I suggest starting off with retin-a as many people find this works wonders with their skin. Apply it lightly and only once a day initially as it can be harsh on sensitive skin and always wear sunfactor 30 or above.

If i find a great cure for enlarged/scarred pores ill let ppl know..but for now its ongoing *sigh*


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I got a large dent from a cortisone shot too, but it completely filled in on it's own in about 6 months. I don't have any advice on the large pores....let me know if u find anything out on that :)

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scarred pores seem to vary but yes its gen considered to be an orange peel effect. v frustrating too grr. retin-a hasnt done that much..maybe a little but not much and glycolic acid peels (30%) havent either.

Its tricky because i dont want to do anything to aggrivate them so i wish to stay away from v harsh treatments but would like some refining. Waiting from a home dermabration kit to come from the usa called microdermx ..no idea if it will work but sounds good (read a few reviews). Ill let you guys know if it works for me.

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