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New starter on the regimen, redness

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I bough dans BP about a year ago and after only using for a very short amount of time gave up due to the redness and dryness I experienced, I admit I probably didnt give it a long enough shot. Ive used a number of different products to keep my mild/moderate acne under control over the last year but have decided to give the BP another shot now.

My plan after reading the board a bit and a quick trip to boots, my new regimen will be

wash face with:

BIORE Oil Control Cleanser - here

apply dans BP (a year old nearly full tube - that will still be ok right?)

moisturise with:

Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream with 5% Urea (here

after being encouraged with the results of a few dabs on my spots last nite I was a lil worried by the redness ive experienced today in the large areas that I used the BP on today, looks similar to sunburn :| . The moisturizer doesnt seem to have had much effect on this. Does anyone have any tips for the first few days/weeks on the redness,

should I only use the wash/BP/moisturizer once a day for the first week or so?

and does anyone have any ideas for countering the redness/sunburn effect for the first days/weeks (im hoping this is will stop after a while)

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I think ive found the expirey date, its not very obvious, but the only thing that looks remotely like it on the bottom of the tube - I guess ud call it the crimp, where moulded into the crimp are the letters:


January 07?

hope thats right, I guess Ill just have to stick out the redness, and Il try using it only at nights, as of tonite.

Would you recomend using the wash and moisturiser in the morning even if not the BP, I guess that would rub the BP off?

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If you want to start out using it only at night, that's fine but be sure to only use a tiny amount in the beginning. Alot of people want to dive in with the full amount right away and that usually overdries and ends up irritating and causing alot of redness.

for the first week, do it at night using only a small amount of bp, and of course moisturize well. Then in the morning just wash and moisturize. The next week, do it twice a day still using only a small amount of bp.

Gradually over the next several weeks work your way up to the full amount (one full finger worth) twice a day.

Hopefully this way you can avoid getting too red.

But some redness and dryness in the beginning is to be expected, it's just part of your skin getting accustomed to the bp.

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