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I've written a long list of everything I've tried, and also a list of what I need to ask. I always panic when I go and see doctors and forget what I need to ask and I end up being in the room about 20 seconds before they shove me out with a prescription that is useless!! I'm going to be assertive tomorrow and not accept any old rubbish. I'm going to get my point across and get this ugly acne sorted!!! :pray:

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I'm so excited!!! I have my first derm appointment tomorrow!! It seems to have taken so long to get to this point. Wish me luck guys!!! :D

Woo! I've got my first appointment tomorrow too!! (well first on in the last 3years anyway)

Good luck!!

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Well I have just come back from the derm and I am a bit disappointd to be honest :( She suggested accutane straight away, and I wanted her to suggest alternatives first, cos I really don't want accutane. I was trying to talk to her about my diet and my B5 tablets and stuff, and she kept dismissing everything. She just said I have tried everything and accutane is the only thing for me to try now.

But I'm too scared to have it :( What am I going to do!???????

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Sorry to hear you feel like that after your first appointment!

I felt disappointed / deflated when i came back from my first appointment with my derm. I'd gone through everything in my mind... what id used, how i felt etc etc and she didnt want to listen really. She looked at me and just said accutane will work for you then reeled off a load of stuff i had to do in the next month.

How far away are you from actually starting the accutane? You may come round to thinking its the way to go (after reading logs etc.,) or decide you want to try other things, in which case you can talk to your derm again? Some (not all) derms dont want to listen to your views and seem robotic....

I'm also a bit scared of starting accutane BUT if its an end to this ugly acne and puts a stop to all the antibios/bcp/topicals i'll be a happy bunny..... i keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end...

I know how u feel but dont know what to suggest :confused::)

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