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any advice appreciated!!!

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hi i have two questions - when you apply your make up over pimples that are dying out, how do you stop your foundation from from going flaky and looking cakey over the site of the pimple? and secondly can anyone tell me how loose powder make up i.e sheer cover is different from just normal loose powder? thanks heaps and please forgive my ignorance i know nothing about mineral make up :whistle:

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Hey, I'm quite new to minerals myself. I get plagued with flaky patches on my face and the makeup just seems to cling and look awful :rolleyes: What you definately don't want to do is scrub at anything, it'll only aggravate the pimple and skin around it and you'll be left with more to cover. If I'm having particular trouble with dryness before makeup I steam my skin for around 5 minutes and gently exfoliate with a clean washcloth or facial brush, the heat really helps :D Then I moisturise while my face is still just a tad damp (I use eucerin dry skin relief it's absolutely brilliant, get yourself some!) Minerals should be applied to a completely dry face so that they don't cling to certain areas, so let your skin absorb the moisture. I usually apply my liquid concealer while my face is still drying, by the time thats done I'm completely ready to apply minerals :dance: If you are using any liquid concealer or foundation to spot cover, keep it on the actual red pimple and try not to spread it around too much as it may accentuate dryness.

As for the difference in loose powder makeup and loose podwer I'm not acually sure, I thought they were both the same. I mean you can get powder foundations with coverage, then theres just the light setting powders. And the mineral loose powder makeup is usually very light and translucent and is used just to set your mineral makeup foundation. :think: Hmm, well I hoped I helped a bit, sorry for rambling! All the best!

Oh wait sorry I just read your regimen and you're using regular liquid foundation, not minerals :redface: woops sorry. In that case I would apply the foundation with a spone and a very light hand. On my liquid days I apply it whilst my moisturiser is still absoring as it helps to minimise flaking!

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Gently exfoliate and apply a non greasy moisurizer.

Not sure about the powders but I think the loose covers better.

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thanks guys for your advice and wisdom :clap: i have just ordered some mineral make up to try i am so sick of liquis make up it never ever looks right on me. i will keep you all posted thanks again :D

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