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Recently I have been shaving more often than usual.

(I use an electric razer)

I have tons and tons of small red pointy marks all over my cheek, around my mouth, and chin.

Its hard to tell exactly what they are.. but I guess they are pimples.

I thought they may be related to some allergies I've experienced recently and never had before in my life but who knows - Shaving is the most likely suspect.

So, is there anything I should do to help with acne & red marks from shaving?

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well, everyone is different but I feel that electric shavers are pretty crappy. They can cause tons of irritation. A single blade razor with a good shaving gel/foam or the use of a cleanser is the most foolproof way of shaving in my opinion. I used to have a lot of shaving induced acne from quadruple and quintuple blade razors and electric razors.

Ever since switching to a single blade, everything has been good.

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Sounds like you got shaving irritation. What kind of shaving cream are you using?

A lot of people say electric shavers cause irritation, but I'd think they'd cause less due to the fact that they don't cut your hair as short as a razor. My face feels a lot better after using an electric than it did with a razor. Just my opinion though.

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No way!!! Electric rotary razors are way easier on your skin than blades. Dont press it so hard into your skin just move it around and let the electric razor do the work.

p.s. everyone's different but for me electric razor is way better for a lot of reasons. You dont need water, faster, dont have to buy blades or cream ever again.

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