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Xyience NOX-CG3

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Hey anyone know if Xyience NOX-CG3 cause some breakouts ???

If it does, then what kinda suppliment can i take for muscle building?


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I think u can use ALA. Ive read it also benefits acne suffereres slightly. So thats one.

Another is Kreatin. Personaly I dont break out from it, but I think ive read about ppl who do. ALA strengthens the effect of Kreatin. So this is a super combo for weight lifters.

Third u need to get protein in to those muscles. If ur not one of those who get acne from protein EAT ALOT OF IT. Meat, eggs, nuts. After training get some fast protein in your body, like egg yolks(be carefull with these if ur not used t them, u can get very sick) or a protein shake if u dont react to it. Also make sure you fill your body with energy before the training session. Eat alot of slow carbs and fats during the day to build up energy. Then, 1 hour before the training session eat a meal with rice if u can handle it. Or just stuff yourself with bananas 20 mins before training. EMEDIATLY after training, before the protein shake or whatever, fill the muscles with sugar again. Bananas, kiwis, grapes etc.

Oh, and take care of your vitamin/mineral intake.

Good luck. ;)

BTW, Im still trying to get this fully working for myself. Trying to get clear skin while trying to grow as fast as possible at the same time isnt easy. If anyone else has any tips please post. =)

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Only swedish ones. Shouldnt be hard to find tho. It might be spelled 'creatin' or maybe even 'creatine' in english tho. Not sure.

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Xyience is a waste of money. Most people think that there are miracle supplement that are going to make the huge, but do not realize that the only neccesary conditions for muscle growth is a good work out regime, and propper diet. If either the forme or the latter is missing, you could drink all the N0x-cg3 you want and you wont get any bigger. Plus it's like the most expensive supplement out there, and it is no matter than a product like N0 -explode or V12. Save your money, make sure you have increased protein intake and be a man in the gym.

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same there, steroids wouldnt really do ANYTHING, except maybe give u more acne, unless the other parts are handled correctly.

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