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I'm 4 months post tane...(40-40-40-60-60) course. After about 2 months after I stopped taking it, my oil came back and some zits started coming back. I didn't think too much of it but now it is getting very bad. My face is very oily again... BAD BAD BAD. The zits aren't that bad and I can live with them... they're only a few. But the fact that my face is extremely oily again is killing me. I tried to go back on tane but I had to get a new derm and she wouldn't let me go back on. Accutane was amazing for me and cleared me 99%. The new derm gave me tazorac a few days ago but I havent used it and don't really want to in fear of an initial breakout.

The main problem right now is the oil... even though a lot of my body still has a little dryness from the tane.... I want to get rid of this oil as it is killing me. I'm currently using Purpose gentle cleanser... should I be using a different cleanser for oil or what?

Should I try and get back on accutane since that was great for my oil...?

Does tazorac help the oil problem at all?

Thanks for the answers...

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Tazorac will probably not help the oil. In fact, it'll probably make your face seem even more oily, because it helps to speed up the rate your skin sheds. LabGirl has a great explanation as to why this makes it seem like your face is even more oily than it was before Taz.

Anyway, if the acne you get begins to be as bad as it was before 'tane, I'd get back to the doc ASAP and try to get on 'tane again. Or, before it comes to that, I'd try the clear skin regimen here and pick up some BP gel.

No cleanser will probably stop you from producing oil, and the Purpose is probably the best thing you can use right now, since it won't overstrip your face. That could cause even more oil production in the long run if you irrtate your skin too much w/a more abrasive cleanser.

Good luck. I hope you're able to get the oil under control. I know how annoying that can be.

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The crux will be if the oil plays a major role in your acne. If it does, then you will continue to breakout worse and worse and Tane will be the only viable option. If your oil isn't the principal cause of your acne, then you might just have oily skin and have to deal with it.

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Well, I went to a different derm yesterday and we both agreed accutane wasn't really neccessary. I barely have any zits coming in and they don't really bother me. My skin is still extremely oily and it SUCKS a big one. I don't think that my oil works in conjunction with my acne since my face is very oily but there are barely any zits. I was prescribed 75 mg of mino but I don't think I want to take that for fear of an initial breakout when I don't even have zits really...

I am now washing my face with Neutrogena Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser. It is a little bit better but I still cannot stand this oil.

Are there any supplements, vitamins, or anything I can do to control the oil produciton on my face? The rest of my body is fine but my face is so damn oily. It bothers me so much and I hate being shiny. I know I can blot it and stuff but I want to take the measures to stop the oil before it even comes.

Please give me suggestions for what I can do. :errr: Thanks so much!

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I've heard that B5 can help to control oil, but I haven't had any personal experience with this. The only other drugs that actually can make a dent in oil production--aside from 'tane--are birth control pills and spironolactone. Of course, these are only viable options for females.

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