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accutane and future health

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Does anyone have any information about the effects of accutane on future health. Are there any risks that might cause problems 10 years down the road? Does it effect future fertility? My 15 year old daughter will be starting it soon, and I am very concerence that I'm making a mistake by letting her use this drug. Thank you!

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Like any drug there are possible long-term effects. Read that again, Like any drug there are possible long-term effects. These happen in only a small number of cases. Any person who has taken a course of Accutane is more likely to have some serious health complication in the future unrelated to Accutane than they are to have complications caused by Accutane.

Mom, think about it. What is worse? Your daughter leading a miserable adolescence scarred by serious acne (with the chance of health troubles in the future) or a happy clear-skinned adolescence (with the chance of health troubles in the future)?? If your daughters acne is serious, let her take the drug. I wish my parents had taken me to the doctor years ago to get Accutane, like many on this site do. Don't ruin a child's adolesence because your frightened. Let her make the choice (and don't let your hesitation goad her into not taking it).

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