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miss mess

miss MESS & her accutane

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hello, all.

currently, i'm on day five of my amnesteem treatment. it's been a long time coming. i've had unsightly [and on occasion painful] acne since i was twelve years old; i'm nineteen now. for most of that time, i've been hiding it under makeup, which i can only imagine made it infinitely worse. i usually only have a few "bumps" at a time, but they end up being very large, and in very obvious places.

for this first month, i am taking 20 mg twice daily, making my current dosage the standard 40mg. the only side effects i can spot thus far is a low, dull headache and a slight upset stomach.

the only qualms i have are with my sleeping schedule and water intake. it's very rare that i actually get thirsty, so drinking lots of water is proving to be difficult. ultimately, i end up drinking a whole glass in one fell swoop just to get it over with, and then feeling slightly nauseated afterwards. i'm also a night owl, so taking the pill at normal times [not to mention with meals] is almost impossible. i usually sleep from 4am to 1pm, and eat my main meals at 4pm and 10pm, with snacks elsewhere. i'd like to have more of a gap between doses than six hours, so i'm comtemplating taking them with milk before i go to sleep, and then when i eat my first meal of the day.

still with me here? :D

i'm already dreading the initial outbreak, and hope it occurs and subsides within the next three or four weeks. i have someone visiting that i'd like to look presentable for! :angel:

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Hey, I just posted in your gallery and realised there was a link to your log in your signature! lol :doh:

I'll be following your progress and seeing how it goes. I started tane just after you so we can compare side effects etc.

How are you doing at the moment? I am dreading the IB. I hope it's not too severe as my acne has calmed down this last two days quite alot.

Take care babe, I hope we both have clear skin soon :)

Lucy x

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i'm not sure if i'm going through the IB; my skin has always been so unpredictable! my lips are definitely drying out... it's quite annoying. i can tell that the rest of my face is drying out a bit, too. i'm not as oily as i once was. my active spots are more of a nuisance than anything - one right on my cheek and some on the jawline. that shit's hard to cover up. :razz:

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