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Exfoliating tips

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Hi, I have a mild acne problem on my back (shoulders), no breakouts, just bumps and blackheads that arent red. I've bought a mild body exfoliating product (with granules) to help my pores, but i dint have a special scubbing brush, just a washcloth so i just rub the product over my skin with my fingers and it feels like its scrubbing, but is that a good way to use the peeling product or will it only work like it should when i use a special exfoliating sponge/brush?

(If anyone has other tips about exfoliating (like using hot or cold water) I would appreciate it.)

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I just use a washcloth to exfoliate. I don't even use a scrub with granules, just an oil free cleanser. What I do is cover my back and shoulders with the cleanser and scrub as hard as I can with the washcloth and rinse. I do this in the shower so the water is quite warm and it has been working great for me. I started doing this a few weeks ago and have seen a great improvement in my back/shoulder acne. I imagine you could probably use a loofa, but where you're using a product with granules you probably don't want to use anything too rough, so the washcloth would probably be your best bet.

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thanks a lot, i though a exfoliating brush would've been too rough to actually. Now lets hope this stuff helps, time will tell ;)

And i forgot to ask, it says on the label to use it twice a week but I've read that people on this forum exfoliate every day or even twice a day? isnt twice a week enough?

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