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Hi all,

I write this, because my girlfriend asked me to do that. She said "Why don't you share that prescription with those who really need that? Just imagine that there are so many people who have lost hope to find the effective acne killer!..". The thing is, that before we met, she had some acne (below moderate, but really disappointing for a girl), and she was really sad about it. But then, I have let her try this lotion. And she has got rid of them all. She says that she doesn't remember the last time when her skin was that clear. Of course, one or two new acnes appear from time to time, but they go away quickly.

As for my skin, it overproduces oil and my pores are rather enlarged. I had problems with acne since about 15. I am 28 now. I have tried some different medicines, but not too many. Because there is one thing, that is powerful enough to make me happy. It is produced at a local drugstore in my town Saki (Crimea, Ukraine). These days I live in Denmark, and nothing bought in danish drugstores ever helped me, therefore my mother send me parcels with small bottles of this magic lotion - from Ukraine to Denmark. The reason why I can't get this lotion made in Denmark is that they don't have Levomycetin, and they don't want to replace it with anything else as the consequences are unknown. The thing is, that this lotion is so cheap at my country, that the total costs of it being bought and sent to me is less than any danish anti-acne medicin, still it is the only thing that works that good.

Well, I hope this prescription will help a lot of you, friends...


Levomycetin 1,0

urotropin 1,0

salicylic acid 1,0

copper sulfate 0,05

70% alcohol 50 ml

ether 2,0

You have to use it twice a day after washing.

According to my drugstore, the serviceable life of a just created lotion is 30 days, but in practice it is more than 2 months. And even 3 months old lotion helps a lot.

Be ready - the fresh lotion will tweak your skin like alcohol tweaks an open wound (my girlfriend has given it a name - "crocodile", and this name is damn good :) ). But - after a week you will see an improvement, and most probably you will get rid of all acne on your face (if they are moderate or lower) in two weeks.

Try it. I hope your drugstores have all six components.

I tell you friends - this is the best thing I ever tried.

Good luck.

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Wow, thanks for the info man. But is this formula safe, will there be later effects?

Is alcohol safe to use on your skin?

Thanks agin

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I think this is absolutely safe, there was no side effects ever - at least neither me nor other people reported about side effects. This stuff calms down your skin and reduces overproduction of skin oil, by the way.

The alcohol is only 70%. I heard that too much of alcohol may increase production of skin oil, but this is not the case. Maybe some of other components neutralize that. There were a lot of times that I tasted that lotion occasionally, it is not sweet at all :), but still - no side effects, even if you apply it more often than twice a day.

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but some people might find it too harsh...so just be careful when you use it.

That's true. By the way, now that I am used to the lotion, it does not tweak my skin too much. Others who use it the first time say that it's something :) ... In fact, nothing terrible - you just feel like the medicin starts working and it is really working :) .

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this sounds almost exactly like benzamycin gel that i use with an ethyl alcohol content of between 80-100 percent depending on who mixes it and of course erythromycin antibiotic (topical) it doesn't have the SA stuff but i think with the strong BP content thats in it as well that sort of balances it out. May be a good alternative for people who can't get the stuff the original poster mentioned in North America

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ok wtf is with this thread..i see it all the time and he talks about some lotion but never says what the hell its called or the brand or where to get it, just the fucking ingrediants?!

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what the hell its called or the brand or where to get it, just the fucking ingrediants?!

Yes, just the fucking ingrediants. There is no brand, since it is produced in a local drugstore. If you gave the recipe to a dermatologist or pharmaceutist he would clearly understand what these numbers are (looks like "grams"). This is a recipe I was given by our pharmaceutist.

This is not a brand that tells lies about effectiveness of its products, this is just a small bottle of liquid that does work...

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oh !, i hope this stuff works :pray: I tried so much stuff that i basically have given up. So all you do is bring this list of ingredients to the pharmacist and he/she would be able to mix it up????? :doh:

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