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Dryness over time question

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Hi, I have a very mild acne caused by an overproduction of sebum without it causing bacterial infections (just small bumps or whiteheads/blackheads).

I've been wondering, because benzylperoxid dry's the skin, it will cause an increase of sebum production to compensate, that isnt noticed if you keep using the benzylperoxid because it keeps the skin dry enough, but at the moment I stop using it, wouldnt my skin then become worse then before?

I know some are gonna say, not if you're using moisteriser to keep the skin moisterized enough so it doesnt start creating more sebum; well thats just what im wondering, is the skin realy going to produce less sebum if it is 'artificially' moisterized by a moisterizer in combination with benzylperoxid.

Sorry for making it all so long and technical, i just wanted to be clear about what im asking,

If there anyone who knows about this kind of stuff, please help, tnx,


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no it doesn't affect the oil glands.

Moisturizer is recommended to keep the skin hydrated (moisture within the skin cells).

Oil glands don't work on a supply/demand system. Otherwise nobody would ever have dry skin, or over-oily skin.

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nope. Sebum is excreted from our oil glands.

Hydration status of your skin is determined by water content within the skin cells.

Two different things here.

Using moisturizer does help keep moisture in your skin cells, but has no direct action on your oil glands.

Oil does tend to help hydration status just by the nature of oil holding in water a bit.

But even oily skin can be "dry" (dehydrated) despite being oily.

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