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My derm said this for dry skin.....

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If you skin gets flush red after applying lotion on your face, then its the alchol that is make your face red and flush.

He said to try Crisco mixing it with a little water into you palm and put it in your face to moisturize.

I found that to be the weirdest thing I have ever heard to moisturize your face with cooking oil.

Also he said it won't clog pores...interesting :wall::wall::wall::think::think::think:

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Don't know what crissco is, can it be any cooking oil? Anyway, I thought oil and water weren't supposed to mix.

It is cooking oil.

Well, I have both read and heard that Olive Oil is used to moisturize the skin. It's frequently used in France and other European countries as well. It's great for both the face and body and supposedly it won't clog pores. However, I wouldn't use it. I'm much too afraid to use it in fear of breaking out horribly.

As for Crisco, it's actually a cooking grease. It's like lard (fat). I've baked with it before and it's really greasy. It's so greasy that it was very difficult to wash off my hands. I had to keep re-applying soap over and over again, washing my hands several times as well as drying my hands to get that greasy feeling off my hands. It's very bad for the body such as cholesterol wise and over comsumption of it will clog the arteries. So, think about it, if it clogs the arteries, it probably will clog your pores.

It might be ok for a burn, or dry patches on your body other than your face, but don't put that stuff on your face. For some reason, peoples faces are much more prone and sensitive to breakouts rather than other parts of the body.

Therefore, I think at this point, I wouldn't take your dermatologist's advice when it comes to rubbing crisco *grease* all over your face. I think it would definitely clog your pores and you would have a heck of a time washing that stuff off your face. Therefore, don't rub Crisco on your face. :naughty: You would be doing your skin much more harm than good.

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