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i am going into my senior year of college and through adolescence and my early 20s (im 21 now) i have had moderate acne. pimples here and there that bothered me but didnt seriously affect me characterized my acne troubles through high school and as i started college it got progressively worse to the point that i stopped going out and being as social as i usually was.

freshman year i used proactiv which did not work and seemed to make my skin more oily. sophomore year i ran across this site and started on the regimen. for a year i would play around with the regimen trying to find the good fit for me as i saw improvements but nevr the substantial and consistant improvement i was looking for.

i then read about the acne cure, using BP, salicylic acid, and an AHA type lotion all together to fight acne. i was really at the point of going crazy as trying to solve my acne started to dominate much of my thinking. i decided to try my own method of the acne cure 3 acne killers.

My regimen:

morning: alpha hydrox cleanser wash ( so light, works great and just cleans the face without drying in the morning), then a small amount of BP ( i usually do enough so that i have to rub it in a bit but it doesnt make my face more than a little red), this is then followed by the Alpha Hydrox AHA lotion ( 10% glycolic, again, i usually put little of this on too but a bit more than BP as it does work a bit like a lotion), this is then finished off with Alpha Hydrox SPF 15 moisturizing lotion.

night: clean and clear blackhead scrub wash ( the blue squeeze bottle, a decent sized dot that could get a good wash on my face), BP ( a little more than the morning, more around specific pimples too) , then a decent amount of AHA lotion, and once again ended by the moisturizer ( a pretty good amount, but make sure to work it in)

That is my regimen and in the past couple months ive seen AMAZING improvement. but i had to make sure to always focus on a few things to have things work.

1) though you should go light during the day so that your skin doesnt look as red after application and theres overall not as much on there, make sure to do some version of it twice a day.

2) BP is the main killer, but the wash and the AHA help exfoliate and allow the BP to get in and work its magic.

3) a very red face means unhealthy skin. dont rush to get into large applications of BP or AHA. start on slower than faster.

4) moisturization helps balance out the things that youre using the fight the acne. a good amount of it is vital to healthy skin.

5) BP, at least for me, has defintiely red to more red spots. after using the AHA and SA wash, all new pimples go away maybe 5x faster, while old red marks have taken longer to get better. there will be red marks. dont get too upset.

6) DONT PICK!! unless its very obvious that theres stuff coming out, dont pop, it really does make a huge difference. even if you feel you have to just get that damn thing off of you, understand that by popping it, you do more damage and though the pimple stuff might be gone, the damage is probably more severe than it should have been.

I only recommend this for those who have used the regimen and havent seen dramatic success. i really feel the SA wash and AHA lotion have helped sooooo much with my skin. let me know if you guys try this and how it ends up working for you!

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most ppl can't mix SA washes with bp in their regimen. it seems to cause problems.

Hey thanks encyclopedia brown, in case you didnt read the title of my post, ive been on the regimen for over 1.5 years and have read through everything hundreds of times. i realize some people cant deal with both but nothing else worked for me except this, and im sure the same goes for others, hence the reasoning for my post.

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Glad it worked for you, but I think ultima was just warning that for most people using SA and BP together can prove too much, espically with the regimen where lots of BP is the key :)

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