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Accutane and Pores

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I'm just completing my first month of a planned 6-month round of Accutane. As my clogged pores begin spitting out their disgusting little sebum pellets, I'm finding my pores are left looking like red holes in my skin. (My nose especially looks like someone's been poking it with a pin.) Will Accutane eventually close these a bit, or is this my new "look"? thanks.

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I had the same issue - my nose was always terrible with sebum pouring out - with little pellets sticking out of my nose. They'll drop out soon. Only squeeze them if you are certain they'll come all the way out. If you don't get the whole thing it could take months till the pore opens up again to let it out.

As for the holes, they'll shrink in some places and stay the same in others. Now a few months after Tane most of mine have closed - most closed after the plug fell out. goodluck

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mines are open with holes too their the sockets for ex-blackheads

Don't worry, they'll retract pretty quick, it takes about a month or so, it'll be gone. If ur older (like 50), it might take longer, but u shouldnt really get acne bad enough to go on accutane if u r like 50.

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