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About liver flush

Hey so im thinking of doing a liver flush but ive read that u should first of all buy some herbs and kill your parasites first..

But i cant really afford 200 $ of herbs atm so im just wondering is it safe to start flushing or should i wait untill i can afford the herbs and kill the parasites first?

Does liver flushing affect your acne ?

Also ive started to cut out fast food and sugar and such

Ive read that bread aint good to eat so ive cut most of them out ( i really love bread )

I now eat eggs in the morning just wondering if eggs is good or bad?

How about chicken good or bad ?

Really hope u guys can help me and sorry for the bad english :(


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Up to 2 eggs a day is fine, they're very good.

I don't know about the parasites, would coconut oil kill off parasites if i had them? And where would people get these 'parasites' from?

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good for you marcus.. i think you'll definitely see improvement by avoiding fast food, sugar and refined/bread products. yes, i definitely agree that you should be perfectly safe with eating eggs. i eat 2-3 scrambled with veggies usually 3-4 times a week without any trouble at all.

the same goes for chicken, i eat chicken usually 2-3 a week (boneless skinless breasts). lean turkey breast is very good too.

i've read that coconut oil is very good for getting rid several types of parasites.. and you would get them by ingesting them in tainted food, i would imagine.

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