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bye bye diane 35

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I'm late on this thread but, I've been thinking of trying BC pills to try to solve my acne woes. I'm 36, have three kids and thanks to DH's little operation, don't really "need" them ; ) However, I am SICK SICK SICK of dealing with what seems to be hormonal acne. Mostly on my chin but ever since one attempt at Levulan, I have also been fighting cyst on my cheeks -- virtually non stop since April's Levulan fiasco.

If I'm reading everybody's posts correctly, BC pills MAY help hormonal acne. However, if I'm wrong about the cause I could be in for much worse on them.

There are so many brands out there, I don't want weight gain in exchange for a clear(ish) face. Any suggestions?



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Mostly on my chin but ever since one attempt at Levulan, I have also been fighting cyst on my cheeks -- virtually non stop since April's Levulan fiasco.

I also had a levulan disaster. My acne was moderate and located mostly on my chin and jawline and the levulan with blu-u treatments totally gave me cystic acne. It was terrible and lasted for about 6-8 months before it went back to moderate again. Plus the pain and extreme peeling :evil:

I have also experimented with birth control pills before finally giving up on them. My suggestion is to go on a BCP that "may" help hormonal acne like yasmin or diane 35. I just felt that after 14 years of BCP it was messing me and my acne up even more.

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Hi all,

I'm 25. And having problem with acne since I was 11.

I've been using accutane 2 times.

First was 3 years a go an my doctor only gave it for 2 weeks. And continued with antibiotics only for oral. Few month after I stop oral pills, my acne show up again... :(

Second, about 2 years a go and my doctor gave it for 6 month. It really clear up my skin, although my lips and my throat feel so dry. But, now about 8 months after I stopped the accutane, It show up again. :doh:

Now I have severe acne in my face. And I really fell desperate for my acne problem...

My friends also have the same problem with skin, and she's using diane35 for treatment. It works for her.

Now I'm starting my 2nd strip (2nd month) of Diane35. Is there any information about diane 35?? Thx

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i went on diane less than three months ago. ive had acne for about six years, and i had good days and really bad days where id have LARGE pimples.

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I know what you're going through completely! I have had either moderate or severe acne in my teens and my twenties (I'm 31 now.) I've tried everything from antibiotics to birth control to accutane and every time it came back.

Accutane did lessen the severity of my acne every time I was on it, but like I said, it still came back. I thought I could control it with birth control pills and tried many different ones, but they all either broke me out worse than before or made me nauseous and light headed.

After a severe breakout from alese (the devil I swear) I quit that bcp and went on minocyclin which cleared my skin so much so that I stayed on it for a year and a half. Well, after that amount of time I decided to stop mino and my face went crazy! Severe acne again. I tried another couple of birth control pills to see if they would help. They didn't. My derm recently put me on spiro, but I couldn't handle the side effects...it gave me migranes and triggered anxiety attacks and I stopped taking it after a week. I'm not going on accutane again because I've already done 5 courses, and the last course was really hard on me and my body.

So, it's been four months since I've been off everything and my skin is calming down on its own. I take saw palmetto and flaxseed oil twice a day and I'm finally starting to see results. I also use the cream with bp and clindamycin. Good luck to you and I hope you find something for your skin.

Sunny - I'm wondering how the Saw Palmetto worked out for you? I tried Spriro & LOVED it, but it made my heart race like crazy & couldn't stay on it. Are you still clear & on the SP? If so - congratulations! - and would you mind sharing your dosage etc?

Thanks so much!

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