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I don't remember having soo many pimples on my cheeks that all disappeared... cause that's where I have all the red -marks/dots/whatever. I know i had many many pimples on my forhead but those marks aren't as noticeable.

When I go into the bathroom where we use the traditional yellowish tint light bulbs, the red marks on my cheeks don't really stand out. But when I go outside in the car and look at myself, I can see my entire cheeks are like filled with marks of red. It's wierd cause my chin and the area below my mouth are normal colored and look like how the rest of my peach colored skin SHOULD look like, but doesn't.

I know people say that red marks disappear in a few months or maybe a year, but I've had my little discolorations for a much longer time. Especially one brownish mark that has been there for maybe 5 years.

ok sorry for the long story. But why do they form anyway? [i'm not even sure if they're those "red marks" everyone talks about after pimples and will just go away.] and what can I do to help them?

tape method doesn't do anything

neutrogena multi-vitamin doesn't do anything (been applying twice/day for a month, no noticable improvements)

thanks for some advice! O:)

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i think it is the capillaries in your face that are broken and need time to heal, maybe some people have a disorder where their capillaries don't heal very well, maybe it can be treated. i dont know. anyway


i would really like to know the answer

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Broken capillaries can be helped with a few treatments of pulse dye laser...just an FYI.

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I went to a doctor and she said they were broken veins, or capilleries as yooud like to call them

a quote from the Acne cure books sais something like this:

When u get a spot, your body sends blood to the area to help heal the spot. thats why u get the red marks. The blood can stay there for a long time, even become permenant.

i think thats how u get the broken capilleries. the redness just stays there and looks disgusting

my derm said one treatment of the KTP laser would correct this.. or if that doesnt work the PULSE DYE will

also, sun damage could cause redness, so if u got these red marks, the sun could be making them worse and actually making them permenant. so it may look like u have rosacea, or are just permenantly red

another thing it COULD be is that you have acne bacteria UNDER THE SKIN which doesnt quite come to the top of the skin, so its just sitting there

thats what i think i have some of aswell, because once when i took Cephalexin antibiotics (very strong medicine that kills the bacteria), i stopped getting spots and most of the red marks also went too (i think those were the ones where i had the acne bacteria sitting there)

i couldnt carry on wit the medicine due to side effects

but anyway

there my 2cents

hope it helps

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