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okay, I have pretty much heard of most of the methods of getting rid of red marks, however some of these methods make me break out, such as jess's exfoliation and aloe vera...

I need something that is non-chemical....and won't clog my pores, or pinch off sebum canals... or cause me to break out...

Also it seems like alot of these are meant for a quick fix for red marks... I am not in a rush, I just want them to safely and effectively GO AWAY!!!!

If anyone is wondering about my skin, I have ALOT of redmarks, am almost acne free... and my redmarks are not extremely old as I just cleared up, thanks to wais diet at freeacnebook.com ... My redmarks seem to heal rather quickly on their own.. but not quick enough....

If theres anyone prone to breakouts that has found an effective method please let me know.....

I am thinking about trying the vinegar??? Please give me some advice..... Thanks ..

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Long time red marks => laser, nothing else other then time

Short time red marks => everything can affect it, lots of things to see on these forums

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Hey if you want something that will aid in the process of redmarks but not a quick fix vitamin c or e serum is good for you. They both would not cause you to break out. Although I did read one user using vitamin C too much cause her to break out a little. But it wouldn't break her out when she uses it every other night. I forgot who it was. I want to say Denise2. I would recommend you do some research before you buy anything because vitamin e and especially vitamin c is very unstable and it can be expensive like $100 per bottle. A few people on here raves about puredeming intense gel, which is vitamin e. I bought one for myself but i sent it back because i didn't want to leave that darn thing on my face for an hour before washing it off plus i wanted to start on some peels. oh and they never credited me back for it >: (

good luck!

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