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Eurocin Log

My current routine:

Day & Nite: Eurocin gel - It contains Vit A plus Clindamycin Hydrocholoride to treat active acne - efficient in eliminating my red acne.

Cleanser - Ambi Soap, interchange with other facial cleanser such as Biotherm

Toner - Kose Lotion interchange with Burt's Bee toner

Moisturizer - Boots Rosemary pore refining spf 15 interchange with Aveeno spf 15

Mask - Body Shop evening primrose refining mask

Peel (1-2 times per week, switching between products) - Lancome resurface peel, green cream, h20 sea result peel

Exfoliation - 1-2 times per week - baking soda mixing with facial cleanser

Scar treatment & red spot treatment- Ordicine Scar Remover Gel

Diets - Daily Multivitamin plus Soy capsules

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This is the product I'm using to treat the acne vulgaris.

Eurocin-A Gel


Additional items I've recently added and find useful for red spots:

- Kose Herbal Esthetic massage mask

- Kose Moisture Collagen mask (this mask left my skin cool)

One other important routine - washing pillow case, bed spread at least every week to prevent bacteria building up and transfering to face.

Currently eyeing another product by Lancome, but only available in Asia. It is aimed at treating dark brown spot. The weird thing is that this product is not marketed in USA..... I guess the consumer base is not large enough for Lancome to market it here.

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